Is Alabama overrated? Mel Kiper Jr. thinks so. Here’s a debate between Kiper and ESPN’s Todd McShay over several elements including Alabama’s status as the #2 ranked team in the country.

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18 thoughts on “Is Alabama overrated?”

  1. my thoughts??

    my thought is kiper proved exactly the point i tried to make in my column about experts and their biases.

    kiper said alabama was overrated and then went into an unchallenged rant about “chinks in the armor” against tulane and kentucky.

    ok. he just told us he’s more impressed by oklahoma thrashing chattanooga by some astronomical score than he is by alabama thumping #9 clemson.

    he’s more impressed by an lsu team whose opponents combined win/loss record is EIGHT and THIRTEEN.

    he frets over close games with tulane and uk but chooses to overlook blowouts dealt to w. kentucky and arkansas.

    he said he thinks the championship game should be usc and ohio state.

    it’s called regional bias.

  2. Kiper is really the one analyst I tend to trust because he’s always brutally honest.

    To be honest, Alabama is probably overrated. But isn’t it nice to say that for a change? Right now, I’d probably pick LSU to win the West (since they have Alabama at home).

    BTW, Hannah Storm is still all kinds of hot. 🙂

  3. Ballplay: the rankings don’t mean anything until the end of the year, and oh yeah: Nobody cares what you think around here. Your delusional football knowledge is very limited. If anyone is overrated, how in the hell is Auburn still in the top 25? You know that they don’t deserve it.

  4. Auburn is not top 25 ? What do you base that on ? A close loss to a LSU team that will soon be #1, after they kick yalls ass. And a non excusable close loss to an O.K. ranked Vandy team, who is also in the top 15. But your right , it only matters at the end of the year. So why the column?

  5. Ballplay, then you are biased and I am too. Auburn won’t be in the top 25 at the end of the year, even with their soft schedule. You said Clemson would kick Bamas ass, you said GA would kick Bamas ass, now you say LSU will. Well, I guess we will see. But I was right: Vandy kicked yall in the balls. And yall could have lost more to a bunch of teams with losing records. Yall barely won against TN and Miss St. the two bottom feeders this year. You suck at knowing football dude. But hey, things are looking up! Tubberville said he was going to coach some offense. That sure does change things lol!

  6. Partly right brando…..I do suck at football when it comes to Bama/Auburn….Ill never pick against the Tigers…..And Ill never pick the Tide…..I have tried it, but I just cant….If you get me out of my hate zone, Im a pretty good picker. We need to have a pickem for the rest of the year.

  7. If Bama beats OL Miss I will say now NO they are not overrated for the SEC but that statement is off the record until after the OL MIss game.. And the LSU game will tell the TRUTH on em if they loose….. and yes BB right in the BALLS BABY!

  8. If they were playing at Oxford Id pick the Rebels…..Ah hell….Ill pick the rebels anyhow..Why ? See above post.

  9. cap, it’s easy to say alabama’s overrated.

    what’s your argument?

    and i want to remind you this is about right now. not down the road.

    i submitted that no other team in the top five has accomplished what alabama has to this point. i used as evidence the combined records of their opponents. to date no one has given a rational, logical argument for why alabama isn’t the #1 team in the country AT THIS MOMENT including your “brutally honest” kiper. (for the record all i saw him do was talk over everybody)

    yeah, we might lose to lsu.

    oklahoma might pull on of their patented choke jobs too.

    and speaking of choke jobs, let’s not forget why missouri didn’t play in a bcs bowl game last year.

    and i wouldn’t expect, after losing two games they should have won – both nationally televised – that lsu would get lucky again and be placed in the championship game. and the ONLY reason they’re in the top five is because they’re defending national champions. and the ONLY reason they’re defending national champions is because they were placed in the game.

    alabama has EARNED their spot. and they did it on national television. has lsu even played on regional tv???

    you can look into the future and predict anything. but you replace ole miss with any of the other four of the top five and i like our chances. why?

    the experts said we’d lose to clemson. we destroyed them.

    they said we’d lose to georgia. anyone here remember that first half score???

    if we beat oklahoma instead of ole miss next saturday, the experts would be claiming they were overrated.

    i guess the only thing left is to call us the worst 6 – 0 team in the country.

    wait, where have i heard that before???

  10. I do not understand.what in the hell does this team have to do to get any respect? we beat the hell out of two top ten teams and we are over rated.what a laugh.bama is playing nick sabin football now.all you have to do is look at last year and this year and you see a whole different team.but of course the bama haters do not see that.running ball down teams gut and do not have to rely on jpw arm,, this is a dam strong football team.defense one of the best in nation beat georgia like a stepchild at georgia and we are over rated.OHgeorgia was overrated thats it we beat nobody.thats ok bama will beat miss and then go to tenn and win and will show nation whats up with LSU when we beat them guess is we will be overrated to then because football nation hates to see bama come back any how.SABIN is building a powerhouse like he had at LSU and teams and coaches see this and are worried.bama will have a national championship maybe this year or next but bama fans get on board because when the train gets rolling it will not stop with this great team and coach.GOD BLESS ROLLLL””’TIDEEEEEEEEE””’

  11. also we beat a strong defense in KENTUCKY which we would have lost to last you can tell i’m mad as hell right now.OKL has played nobody just like texas teck.some body tell me please what team in top ten has beat two top ten teams like bama ..are they any?I will stick to my guns and still say bama will go UNDEFEATED.if not i will be wrong but i will say this team will not have a melt down like last year and BALLPLAY thanks for picking LSU.I know we will win now.

  12. JW, don’t pay any attention to Ballplay, he will pick every team we play to win until we lose one day, and then he will proclaim what a prognosticator he is, we will beat LSU in their house this year and go undefeated while Aub still has 3 losses coming, if you think Ga beat Aub bad last year, it will be even more embarassing this year with Big Ears in charge of the O. hehehehehehehehehehehe

  13. texas 45 – #1 oklahoma 35. defense anyone?

    hey kipper, see any chinks in okie’s armour???

    sit back and wait and see if you hear anyone proclaim oklahoma overrated.

    i wouldn’t hold my breath.

  14. Oklahoma, lost.. Missouri, lost. LSU, lost. Bama has beaten, at the time #9 Clemson, yeah Clemson sucks, but Bama didn’t put them there to start the year. Bama beats up #3 Georgia, did anyone watch the first half? They slaughter Arkansas. They beat an, at the time, unbeaten Kentucky. What is the bitching about? Bama is #1. Suck it up bitches, it’s been a while. And Bama starts 12 freshmen, so get used to seeing us on top for years to come. One word……Julio!

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