22 thoughts on “System failure at AU; Ensminger to run offense”

  1. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! Thank you Auburn!!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! It’s too easy!!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Implosion has never been so fun to watch!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

  2. Shit man. It’s a beautiful world knowing that 280 smackers are coming in the mailbox for two years. Tony needs to call Al up and cook some meat – ice some beer down – and laugh their ass off about how dumb Tubby is….

  3. Ballplay: No way to spin this as a good thing. Franklin was not the problem, it was that jackass Nall and his boy Ziemba that has caused most of the troubles. Franklin called them all out on Monday, and was fired for it, because Tubberville has no balls. He gave Franklin permission to coach like it needed to be done, so he called people out and pissed off the receivers coach and Oline coach, so they mutinied. If you think those guys that are left are so good, why even pay for an OC. Oh yeah, Emsfinger or whatever and Nall were co-offensive coordinators in 2003. Remember? Auburn had better players then, and still stunk it up. Ya’ll still aint got no QB with any kind of arm. Still no quality back. Defense is still seriously banged up. So, no, I don’t regret nothing, and I won’t be either. You keep praying for that miracle.

  4. Branndy……Have you been watching any Auburn games ? Appearantly not. The Offense as a unit looks freekin horrible. The play calling is a travesty. The route running is a JOKE. The offensive line blocking scheme sucks. Do you know how they are blocking with this type of spread offense? They let the d-lineman commit to there stunt and then they push em that way….It has a name , but I cant recall it. Then its up to the back to find the hole and go through it. That is crazy man. You see the only problem with that is , if their is any blitz at all they kill your running back / quarterback. The problem is not just with Franklin. I agree. If you hire somebodys offense. Let them run it. But this offense was too bad to let continue. Something had to give. Tommy Tubberville wasnt fixing to resign.

  5. And Nall and Ensminger is the solution? Remember 2003? And Auburn had better players then. Well, the pressure is on Auburn now to produce. Who will be fired if this doesn’t work? But no, I haven’t seen much on Auburn, except some of the replays. I am usually at the home games for Bama on Saturdays. Do you think Tubbs may have been pressured to hire Franklin from above? I know Dye and the Troy coach were pretty tight. Does Dye still have much influence? Something just don’t seem right about this situation, and you Auburn fans are being fed a bunch of BS about this since the spring.

  6. No I dont think that Tommy was pressured, so to speak. I do believe that it was “suggested”. Yes, Dye does have a lot of influence at Auburn to this day. As far as it being B.S., think about what your saying. Look at the middle tier programs running the spread, and having success. Vandy is undefeated with zero defense. Missouri, Florida, Kansas, Oregan, West Virginia. Those are some high octane offenses, wouldnt you say ? Most of the teams running it do well on offense. So it made sense to go to it. I even still think that if the right version were installed with a decent QB we would do well. Donnoan said it best a couple days ago. Somebody asked him what he thought the deal was and he said ” For the thousandth time, You have to have a mobile , accurate passing QB to run the spread”..

    AAuburn has a moblile quartback, and then an accurate quarterback….But not both in one quarterback. Plus , to be honost, the route running on offense is bad. The deal with the O-lin is bad too…. If they decide to salvage the rest of the year with a power run attack, our o-line will show everybody how good they can be. I dont know…….Sometimes I think we just tend to overthink it. Right now, they just aint gettin it done.

    Again , if Auburn had a mid ranked offense. We would be far and away undefeated.

  7. YEa Its been said we need a BURNS&TODD love child…. Hell Im optimistic I know WHOEVER was calling those plays NEEDED to be gone…. Does anyone think they keep looking at the sideline b4 each play
    MAKES ME SICK!!! 😉


  8. IT all boils down to TUBBERNECK ,,,AS long is he is there aubbies want be shit bottom line.he has worn his welcome out in shit town and blaming other coaches trying to cover his ass thats all there is to it.look for him to be gone after season is over with i grant you.don’t want to do it now because it would really screw up season.this team will lose at least two more before it is over with and could not happen to a more deserving team than the aubbies pussycats.ROLLLLLLLLL”””TIDEEEEEEEE

  9. The barn is leading the hogs by 3 points at half-time. So, y’all claimed Alabama hasn’t played anyone, huh? We surely were leading by more than 3 points at the half at least against them, AUtards.

  10. Ballplay, most people that have gone to a true spread, like Missouri and Texas Tech (which is what Auburn was doing) do it because they can’t compete with the smash mouth type of football. It is motion and trickery, trying to offset size with speed. Tubbs knows he won’t hang with Saban in recruiting over and extended period of time for the big guys. So this move was to counter that and have an edge in recruiting. I believe it was a knee-jerk reaction to Sabans first full year of recruiting. He has been taking shots at Bama the whole time about the recruiting, and you guys have ate it up. Well, it is starting to show already, and the Franklin situation has backfired. Saban will effectively be a few years ahead of Auburn after this year.

  11. Are you seriously saying that Auburn cant compete in smashmouth type football ? Dude we freekin invented it. So therefore, you are incoreect.

  12. Ballplay: 1st and goal against Ark. 3 passes, 1 run (at HOME). Massive fail. Game over. Do you think that is smashmouth football? You make my point for me. Why change to a non-smashmouth type offense? Auburn didn’t invent it, Auburn learned it from Bama. 🙂

  13. You know that I am aware of our currnt offensive situation. If Auburn line up in the power I formation and decided to smashit, they would be succesful. The only time weve moved the rock this year was when we did that against Vandy. I guess I should have clarified. My bad. My point is that this team knows how to pound it. They just wont let them. It makes me want to vomit. The first 7 games of the spread have stunk. If it doesnt work next year Tuberville will lose his job over it. Period.

  14. Any team that puts 8 men up front on Auburn will stop them from running. And they sure can’t pass. Auburn doesn’t have the O-line this year to run on anyone for 4 quarters. Or the running backs for that matter. Auburn ran against Vandy until Vandy stacked the box. How many yards after the 1st quarter?

    Auburns best shot the rest of the year is to play field position, and hope the defense can score. But you have to have decent punters and kickers for that though. Auburn has struggled there, too. That mighty Auburn D showed some cracks against Vandy and Arkansas. Wait until Auburn plays a really good offensive team and you will see what I mean.

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