By Shane from Centerpoint
The ugly incident involving former Alabama football player Jimmy Johns – his thug lifestyle and recent arrest for peddling cocaine – provides an excellent snapshot of the very image and perception issues that head coach Nick Saban is attempting to eliminate from his program.

Johns not only hurt himself – he also damaged the entire football teams’ chances of having success during the upcoming season. I thought senior leadership consisted of being an example of dedication, focus, and maturity. Instead, Jimmy chose to show all the underclassmen, as well as the incoming class, (with one swift move) how to destroy the hard-earned national respect the Crimson Tide is attempting to regain.

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His selfish, childish actions clearly illustrate his total lack of consideration for team rules, the justice system of this country, and the health of those with whom he dealt. Johns committed the single most embarrassing and perceptually-damaging act in the history of the University of Alabama by a football player.

The sad part is that Johns’ bad habits taint the image of every player and give the impression that problems of this nature are entrenched deep within the Alabama football program. Too many dark clouds have already passed over this once-storied university. Enough is enough!

This team needs somebody to walk and talk like a man – a real leader. Someone needs to step up to the plate and take control. I’m more upset that none of the players on this team was man enough to stop Jimmy in his tracks. With all the negative press in the past year or so, I would’ve hoped that the player’s council might’ve shut him down.

Is the team unity so split that a senior player can live a separate existence as an alleged drug kingpin who lives the thug life? It is even more disturbing to think that other Tide players could have participated in these classless and destructive activities along with this clown. Makes me wonder if there is any peer pressure at all on this squad to do the right thing?

It pains me as a college football fan to see a small group of immature frauds – like some of the jokers who’ve put on the Crimson Jersey lately – give the sport a bad name.

Some who read this might say it is too harsh and stringent. In reality, I’m just telling the truth. After all is said and done, I believe most fans would concur with my previous statements.

Alabama fans spend massive amounts of time and money supporting the Crimson Tide football program. They are truly dedicated to the cause. Nick Saban and his tireless staff are committed to making Bama a winner again, but they must first turn this large group of boys into men. The sheer number of players arrested lately points to the fact that the conversion hasn’t happened yet. When this group finally grows up, the winning will take care of itself.

Sadly, it appears that the only participants in Saban’s vision called “the process” that aren’t holding up their end of the bargain are certain members of the team. Maybe some of the upperclassmen will “get it” and establish some leadership by requiring the higher level of dedication and sacrifice it takes to become a champion. One thing is certain, after this latest catastrophe, this team needs some good things to occur and it’s up to the players themselves to make that happen.

72 thoughts on “Time to separate the men from the boys”

  1. Is shane going to the ESPN school of journalism? Exaggerate everything. Be pompous. Make every incident HUGE and WORST OF ALL TIME. whooa ohh.

    Seriously, this is silly.
    – alleged drug kingpin who lives the thug life? Do you know what drug kingpin sells? He sells kilos not grams.

    This article is silly.

  2. Shane’s Quote:
    the very image and perception issues that head coach Nick Saban is attempting to eliminate from his program.

    Shane, exactly what is Dinky Saban doing to eliminate any of this thug behavior from his program? He had the oppertunity to dismis Johns several times, but chose to overlook his transgressions in the hopes of winning a few games. In other words Shane: your 4 million dollar man is selling your program out. A few Alabama fans I know are beginning to get it. Saban cares nothing about the University. He has no respect for Mal Moore. Saban is only concerned with Saban. He won’t let his coaches speak, won’t let his players speak, WON’T EVEN LIVE IN TUSCALOOSA. You’ve hired a whore. You say certain members of the team aren’t buying in to “the process”, then ask yourself, why are they still there? Where’s the teeth to all this talk? Saban is nothing more than hot air. Don Shula tried to tell you fools. He speaks a good game, but in the end, it’s just hot air. Maybe Johns figured that out. His “respect for the process” is selling coke in the football complex parking lot. What a load of BS.. by the way, how’s The Slobbering Drunk Snake

  3. 10 arrests shaneola!! Where’s the call for saban to be fired? You’d do it if it were Coach Tuberville. Just as I thought…chicken chit.

  4. Shane understands who Saban is and what he’s about. But Shane, like most Bama fans, are so tired of losing they will try anything. It’s as simple as that. I have to give Shane credit for pointing out some obvious facts. And did you expect him not to pull for Nick Fonzarelli? Bama fans will not admit a coach’s flaws until he either leav es on his own will or gets fired. Then there’s an easy scapegoat.


  6. I think all this will blow over Shane, unless that is, a search warrant is served into the UA dorms, because anyone trafficing cocaine is probably not alone in their “thug life”.

    Will Nicky actually suspend some players during the season if more of this is brought to the forefront? Maybe a 1/2 a game as he did for good ole DJ Hall. This is again a glowing review of Alabama’s win at all cost. Cheat, lie, steal, whatever it takes, just win. It really makes it funny when the Crimson tide loses both on the field and they are definitely losing off the field now too. By the way, I can smell blood in the water (crimson tide). Sweet 7 is coming and their is nothing that will stop it.

    Blow Tide!!!

  7. Is this a albarn site? I don’t know of any Bama fans reading albarn sites like they do Bama’s. Barners are so worried and they are right the Tide is about to start rollin again. In the last 10 years you still didn’t win nothing. Oh we beat Bama but did you really. Even with the help of the ncaa and ucheat you still didn’t win nothing. So get over yourself and admit the fact that you ant never going to be Bama. You will always be little brother!! It is so sad that you hate the way you do over a silly little game. Get real barners!

  8. Anthony, it’s actually one Barnie posting under a different name every 30 minutes.

    And as for username: M. Johnson, do you honestly think Tuberedneck isn’t a whore? The loser from Ole Miss, who whored his way into Opelika, then flirted with other job opportunities at the end of the 2007 season, isn’t a whore? If he was true to his word, he would’ve said it in the beginning: he’s not leaving Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute! Instead, he waited around to see if anything better would pop up, but unfortunately, people can see beyond his “six* game winning streak”. They can see that this man was a failure until he “coincidentally” flip-flopped the state immediately after sanctions was handed down upon the UA program.

    His tenure at Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute is like walking across thin ice. With the outstanding character he’s recruiting (half a list of players who HAS YET to receive offers from ANY school and the other half he had to compete with North Texas, Birmingham Institute for the Gifted, and Georgia State Institute University to land those guys). These are the same type of kids he recruited at Ole Miss and guess what… HE NEVER POSTED AN SEC WINNING RECORD AT OLE MISS EITHER!

    So keep the trash coming while you can. Before long, we’ll take it out, just as we’ve done so time and time again at the end of your little bogus streaks. Live for the moment while it’s here, AUtards!

  9. bama fan in n y c:
    Tubbs had a decision to make. He’s got
    5 to 7 more years to coach. Arkansas offered him the bank. He thought about it, met with his coaches about it, and decided to stay until retirement. If McDonalds offered you the chance to move from french frie chef to the drive thru window I would guess you’d think about it. Maybe you would ask your family, you might decide to stay with the grease, or go for the big bucks at the window.
    Life and jobs are full of choices. By the way, how many times have we heard “we’re back”. And what kind of pre season ranking did that national championship recruiting class get you………26th in the nation. Do ya’ll play La Monroe this year????

  10. bama fan in n y c:

    Between the lines we see your fear. As storied as Bama’s history is, only the “Bear” was able to dominate Auburn. You can act like Auburn doesn’t matter but the truth is much of his adoration is because he “owned” us. Bama leads the series by 5 games. Take away the Bryant years and Auburn leads Bama by 10 games.
    Without Bryant, Bama has been mostly mediocre.

    Regarding your banner recruiting year I mention only one example – Jimmy Johns. Wasn’t he a “can’t miss” type player. Makes you wonder about the next group of “Jimmy Johns” headed to UAT.

    We will “live for the moment” while you Bama fans continue to “live for the past”, forever looking back. But then, when I look back I see that Auburn has “NEVER” lost a game in Tuscaloosa… NEVER, not since the 1800’s.

    See you at Tuberville-Denny Stadium in November.

    As for Shane, kudos.. one of your better articles..

  11. Bama fan in NYC:

    Rim shot – Alabama is not close to coming back. Sounds like now they are coming back from a Bail bonding company office.

    Of those 32 blue chippers coming to Alabama, 2 definitely are not coming, and probably more are not gonna be academically qualified, so at best Bamer has the number 2 or 3 recruiting class as pointed out by Tom Luganville at SI.

    Get over yourself, you will lose again this year and most likely the next year too. If Nicky doesnt start having a lockdown at the AL dorms, the whole freaking team is gonna end up in the pokey in T-town.

    Blow Tide!!

  12. I too believe that this thing will blow over and there will be little or no collateral damage. As far as what the f**king Aubies think – I don’t give a Damn.

  13. All these years Pluto, you lied to us. You said you was a planet, but thats just not the case. Oh well, Uranus seems to fit you better. Why do you have to curse Auburn fans? Thats just downright sorry as hell. What have I ever done to you? Did I make you mad? Will you still be my friend? Wait for it…….on second thought I really don’t give a damn either.

  14. Lets hope just for the sake of the BAMMA PROGAM that LIL NiCKY does the right thing and pulls a SLY/MS and puts the rest of the dumbasses to the bricks,and BAMA IN NYC and the rest of you BAMMAS TUBBS has his boys under way better control than you guys give him credit for
    and go to the AU blogs there are as many BAMMERS as it is here…..

  15. Just curious. What has lead NYC and others to say Bama is back? Is UT or Clemson or FSU back? Is Notre Dame back? And why hasn’t UGA won a NC in the last 4 years? I’m looking at recruiting rankings when I ask these questions.

  16. Track ‘Em, allow me to ask YOU something. Why is it, Alabama stomped Alabama Tech into the ground for 8 out of 12 years, on the playing field, after tearing you apart in recruiting, then immediately following our downfall, courtesy of the NCAA, Alabama Tech suddenly wins the next 6*?

    And allow me to ask one last quick question… Why is it, after Alabama Tech, stomped us in recruiting throughout their precious winning streak, they only won by an average of 7 points or less? Shouldn’t you guys have DESTROYED us throughout that time period, instead of heavily relying on one crucial mistake to win the game? Accept the facts. As soon as our recruiting numbers begin to pile up, Alabama will be Alabama, and Alabama Tech will be Alabama Tech. As someone said in here before, Alabama Tech will go right back to being that little rejected school in the middle of nowhere Opelika, who takes profound pride in comparing themselves to their cross-state superior, Alabama.

  17. What I find particularly piquant about the dysfunctional Barnie family is at the beginning of last season, they were highly upset Bobby Lowder didn’t fall through with ‘jet gate.’ Then, Tubby amazingly salvages a poor season, by posting a decent 8-4 regular season record, then we’re back to where we’d begun. When these 1/2 star kids of high class and character make their way to the plains, the dysfunctional Barnie family will begin to call for his head again — either that or they’ll blame his sudden downfall on age, just the way they did with Pat Dye after having his incoherent-cheating @$$ handed to him by Gene Stallings, a man they claimed would never come close to beating the late-great Dye.

  18. It’s a record procedure the AUtarded API fans have which is taking advantage of Alabama’s weakened state and running wild with it. The only period of which they didn’t have to rely on Alabama boosting their dominance was the 1980s, even though it was because Pat Dye cheated. Immediately after that, they only won three Iron Bowls in the 1990s, after swearing on their parents’ graves Alabama would never reverse the winning trend of the state ever again. They said the same thing in the 1950s, and in the early 1900s.

    If you can’t accept the fact that you’ve barely defeated us during the worst period in our history, then you truly are an avidly delusional API fan. Soon enough, whether you admit it or not, Alabama will take back the state and you’ll see the difference between obsessing over one team and obsessing over more. And I’m just curious, if you guys swear we’ll never own you ever again, then why the hell do you live for the moment? Is it because when this streak is over, you’ll have nothing? I think so!!! Prepare for sheer humiliation in November because your streak will be long gone and a new trend (losing to Alabama while they’re at their strongest) will revive itself. Deny it all you want, but it’s a recurring process that happens after each of your pathetic little streaks of which you obsess over because you have nothing else. It’s pathetic, really it is. Thankfully I have no idea what it’s like to be the ugly little redheaded stepchild of my family and of my state.

  19. It’s a record procedure the AUtarded API fans have which is taking advantage of Alabama’s weakened state and running wild with it. The only period of which they didn’t have to rely on Alabama boosting their dominance was the 1980s, even though it was because Pat Dye cheated. Immediately after that, they only won three Iron Bowls in the 1990s, after swearing on their parents’ graves Alabama would never reverse the winning trend of the state ever again. They said the same thing in the 1950s, and in the early 1900s.

    If you can’t accept the fact that you’ve barely defeated us during the worst period in our history, then you truly are an avidly delusional API fan. Soon enough, whether you admit it or not, Alabama will take back the state and you’ll see the difference between obsessing over one team and obsessing over more. And I’m just curious, if you guys swear we’ll never own you ever again, then why the hell do you live for the moment? Is it because when this streak is over, you’ll have nothing? I think so!!! Prepare for sheer humiliation in November because your streak will be long gone and a new trend (losing to Alabama while they’re at their strongest) will revive itself. Deny it all you want, but it’s a recurring process that happens after each of your pathetic little streaks of which you obsess over because you have nothing else. It’s pathetic, really it is. Thankfully I have no idea what it’s like to be the ugly little redheaded stepchild of my family and of my state.


  20. Wow Cap..maybe we need to rename the website for the all the aubies in here. Let me see…moo mooo…quack..quack…that make you barners feel more at home? It better…I’m not about to make those noises again….all the aubs will start thinking I’m their date.

  21. Finally, an article by Shane for Brains that is actually about Bammer! Maybe the “crack investigative reporter” Shane can now look into how many other Crimson Turd players are dealing. Come on Shane, look into that, please!

    Falling for little Nicky’s “process” is a lot like getting hooked on crystal-meth. Feels good for a while but the next morning all you have is empty pockets and a craving for more of the same. That’s all. Enjoy what you have Bammers!

  22. Saban Should have known, certainly had heard rumours.. face it Saban does recruiting and recruiting only… Maybe Bama needs a spiritual leader like Chette instead of the shrink that Saban is brining in..

  23. YO, PEOPLE! Its simply AMAZING how many AUBUMS raid this site! Very Interesting. As I’ve said in previous posts, you AUBUMS need to worry about your village. The Jimmy Johns problem has been eliminated. I know that there will be continuous crap posted, but its OVER! AUBUMS, its time to find something else to trash us about. Do what you’re good at, and then sit back and watch the TIDE RISE AGAIN! BAMMERS-Get ready! Good times are coming. WE’RE NOT BACK YET, but WE ARE ON OUR WAY!

  24. Christopherson and NYC … Wake the heck up !!!! Your overpaid coach could have sent a Huge message Last year. But he didnt. If he would have had the codsack to put D.J. Hall, Prince Hall, and Jimmy Johns on the pine and leave em there, yall prolly wouldnt be going through the B.S. that you are. But hey keep turning a blind eye to the Sabanater. That is what us Barners want you to do. Butt kicking #7 and #8 will be the finishing move that we have been looking for to Finish Off Crimson Tide Football!! Saban wont know what hit him when the bricks start coming through his windows.

    It all starts at the top, I dont care what the circumstances are. All the black eyes and bloody noses that yall have gotten could have been lessened if your coach had half the balls that yall claim he has.

  25. I get so tired of hearing about the 6 game win streak not really counting because Bama was in a weakened state due to NCAA….what about the “strengthened” state you were in (by cheating) before the NCAA cracked down on your redneck ass? Those wins over Auburn shouldn’t count if our wins shouldn’t.

  26. bamasux, you’re about as brain-dead as brain-dead can get. The year we committed the infraction was the year ALABAMA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE WON! Not to mention the guy we paid to play for us ended up transferring to a school, even less known on a national scale, than your backwoods, redneck infested, cow college.

    And going about by your retarded logic, we may as well take away ALL OF YOUR MANY WINS that has occurred throughout your time seeing how you’re the NCAA’s second most penalized team in the nation!! Maybe the NCAA will get wise and crack down on the sociology scandal as well. After all, what will those illiterate morons do with a degree that’s merely not worth the paper it’s printed on?

  27. Joker!

    Your Question:
    “After all, what will those illiterate morons do with a degree that’s merely not worth the paper it’s printed on?”

    Answer: Probably go to Tuscaloosa to work on thier Masters since Alabama seems to let mostly illiterate morons into the school, ie, Jimmy Johns, DJ Hall, Julio (will he qualify) Jones, the rest of that 08 class, Shane, etc.etc.etc.

    I watched part of the FSU/Bama game on ESPNU from last year. What a pathetic offense Bama has. The 3 guys I saw catch passes are all gone. I feel sorry for JPW, he gets beat up more than Croyle did! He must be one of Johns best customers. He’s got to be strung out on something to take the beatings he has for the last couple of years and you know they say dope causes people to make bad decisions!


    Parole Tide Parole!

  28. “Probably go to Tuscaloosa to work on thier Masters since Alabama seems to let mostly illiterate morons into the school, ie, Jimmy Johns, DJ Hall, Julio (will he qualify) Jones, the rest of that 08 class, Shane, etc.etc.etc.”

    You mean that free degree Alabama Tech provided you top notch, incoherent hillbillies with? Despite the fact it’s located in the middle of the jungle, and despite having no method of fun, other than down home shin digs, I’d opt to go there for a free degree, requiring little or no work at all to attain!

  29. Joker- What I did with my Auburn Degree: An officer in the Marines with tour of duties in Iraq defending people like you. Gearing up to go back to Iraq to once again defend people like you. What did you do with your bammer degree? Oh wait.. did you even go to UNIVERSITY ALABAMA AT TUSCALOOSER?

  30. RedneckTider Says:

    Thank you for your service!

    You may need to define “tour of duty” to Joker and rhYno. To them it means it’s thier turn to pump the septic tank!

    Seriously, thank you for your honor and loyalty! It is greatly appreciated. I’m reading “House to House” now by SST David Bellavia. You guys are amazing! Go get em’!

  31. It’s funny that Bammers quickly point to the NCAA for their shortcomings in the Iron Bowl of late.

    In 2000, they hosted Auburn for the first time in 100 years in their home stadium and couldn’t manage to even score against them. Yes lameduck Dubose was on his way out, but shutout at home? Honestly.

    In 2001, Bama and Fat Frannie played a hell of a game and beat Auburn soundly for the only time this decade.

    In 2002, they won 10 games and still lost to Auburn at home, before any effects of probation were seen.

    In 2003, they had a first year coach and started to see some signs of probation. Even still, they were playing a 1 dimensional Auburn team with turmoil within the university (jet gate). They got their asses handed to them starting with the first play of the game.

    In 2004, Bama had all the momentum in the world and one of the country’s best defenses (probation was really hurting there) going into halftime up 6-0 (again, at home against their biggest rival). End result, it takes a late touchdown to make the game even look close for Bammer, 21-13 Auburn.

    In 2005, Bama was back. They rode their way to a 10 win season (wow, probation riddled – poor Bama), had barely lost in overtime the week before the Iron Bowl agaisnt LSU, and vowed that Auburn’s streak was over. 11 sacks and 4 quarters later, Bammers were left fearing the thumb. Shane went on to write how JPW led Alabama down Pat Dye field during garabge time right through the heart of the Auburn defense (2nd stringers mostly), and Bammers cling to this and vow that next year will be different with JPW at home with experience.

    In 2006, the goldenboy JPW fumbled twice in the first half leading to two easy Auburn touchdowns. Bama coaching went for field goals at the 1 yard line, 2 point conversions when they weren’t necessary, and still blamed the game on probation and numbers being down. Exit Shula. The thumb is raised.

    In 2007, Bama hired a 4 million dollar vagabond to come into Tuscaloosa and clean up the mess that the previous coaching staff left behind (even though that’s what the previous coaching staff was hired to do by a genious AD and president). Bama has good numbers, talent, and the effects of probation are all but over. But Bama still finds a way to unravel the second half of the season, losing 4 straight including a loss to yet another 1 dimensional Auburn team with a terrible offense.

    It’s funny how Auburn can beat Bama while they are on probation (1993) after coming off a disappointing previous couple of seasons but Bama can’t seem to do the same and then blame it on probation.

    It’s amazing how Kentucky can send 5 players to the NFL draft this past year (compared to UA’s 0) being a middle of a road program and facing the same type of sanctions Bama did 6 years ago. Also, Kentucky has back to back 8 win seasons (when’s the last time Bama has had that?)coming off the depths of probation including a win over number 1 LSU last year. And this is at Kentucky – the place that gave the Bear a cigar lighter and sealed their fate in football forever.

    Moral of the story – Bammers keep blaming probation for your shortcomings in the Iron Bowl. It’s getting pathetic these days.

  32. Hamrick and St clair… Put down the crimson crackpipe. Excuses fall out of your mouths like hock from a cows butt.

    Quit bragging about “close” Iron Bowls, it just makes you look ignorant. I remember DURING the begining of the probationary period BEFORE the scholarship cuts started taking place, Bammers bragging left and right that you would still get the cream of the crop . Why we would ask? Bammers response “Cause were Bama and we got tradition!” What a load of bunk. You people cant have it both ways. Either you are the great undefeatable Crimson Empire that we all here you guys tooting your horn about. (Wich would mean your football team was worth a Dam”)


    You are the crappy delusional scitzophrenic football program that is the reality of Bammer football.

    For goodness sakes Bammers win a game and then you can talk smack.

    Your coach will soon see the wheels coming off the train and then he will leave. Or after 2 more losses to Auburn he will be fired.

    The entire college football world knows that several of those “close” iron bowls were that way cause Tubbs called off the dogs.

    As the poster before me said Kentucky and Auburn in the 80s were on the recieving end of scholly cuts and guess what? No whining or bitching or excuses.

    Shut up and take your medicine like big boys. Really till you win you have no choice.

  33. SHANE’S PAIN- It is a great book. Not for the light hearts though. I appreciate your kind words and I will not be around during football season so I have to come in here and get my laughs now.

  34. All of the Alabama fans need to really consider the consequences of Saban failing to right the ship. Consider this, If he goes 6 and 5 (a definate possibility) what will the natives start doing? Then in 09 he goes 6 and 5 or 7 and 4, what then? With 2 more losses to AU it wont be pretty. Then after 4 or 5 bicks through the window the dude is gone. What then? Who the heck do you even think would look to consider the job? This is going to be be interesting to see. Saban is the last chance for the Tide , yall had better hope it works out.The dude obviously cant control the team. Hes a good recruiter, but an average gameday coach. All the coonass LSU players could talk about was his hard core discipline. Keep in mind that discipline to a coonass is only robbing 2 liquor stores per night. Charles Manson would be like Vince Lambardi to the Connasses. just a thought.Last year was the year to lay down the law. Im afraid that Its too litlle too late. Bammers, I think I here Taps playing in the background.

  35. yeah, UA will just wither away. The largest university in the state will become a junior college and AU will reign supreme. Gosh, I wish UA could be like Auburn and be the Harvard of the South. I wish we were ranked ahead of AU in USNWR and Forbes. I wish we were attracting the best and brightest in Alabama.

    Oh wait a minute. We are ranked higher, and we are now the largest school, and we now have ACT scores that match AU. Oh, I remember now. Well I guess we dont have to become a junior college after all. Auburn fans are so full of it.

  36. Daniel , are you the Socrates of this generation? Or maybe Aristotle? I am not saying , nor have ever implied that UA acedimics or substandard. I would not have a problem if my children went ther for a degree in a feild of their choosing

    What I am saying is , YOUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM SUCKS!!!!

    And yes, I am full of it.

  37. Ballplay,

    Thanks for your endorsement of UA academics. I know not all AU people are so disrespectful of UA, but most of the AU bloggers on here are downright nasty, and seem to really have contempt for not only the UA athletic program, but its academics as well.

    I will be the first UA fan and alum to congratulate AU on its fine academic facilities and its great rep in certain academic areas. I just wish more AU fans would be a little less disrespectful to their own state’s flagship university.

    Big Jimmy J. did a pretty good job of that.

  39. I read Shane’s article each week for the Bama spin. And I’m a Bama fan. I’m amazed at the Auburn fans who give a S#%T about what Shane says. Shane doesn’t get it and never will. To the Auburn fan who said and I quote, “Take away the Bryant years and Auburn leads Bama by 10 games.” You can’t take away the Bryant years anymore than you can take away the Ears Whitworth years. Another thing. Auburn has no past so they don’t have one to talk about. In reality, everything is in the past. The six in a row right now is in the past. My point is this. Auburn fans need to quit giving Shane anymore publicity than he already gets. Alabama fans need to wake up and hold Saban accountable for what he is doing and not what he will do. By the way, he hasn’t done anything yet and I seem to be the only Bama Fan that knows it.

  40. Wayne.. You are spot on man. Though I will admit, Grudgingly , Bama is one of the most storied CFB teams EVER. But to say AUburn has no tradition is wrong. Not equal to Bamas , but pretty good. It just seems we cant get the breaks. But thats O.K. Not whining . The only problem Bama people like yourself have is that your a minority. 99.9% of Bammers are just like Shane. But hey its refreshing to see someone take off the Crimson glasses and realize that the buck stops with Saban. You can bet that the J.J. incident is not the last. How he handles the next arrest will determine the future of Tide football.

  41. The website says submit a comment. The only comment I have is that Shane is a f##king idiot who would have to get smarter to qualify as a dumb-*ss

  42. YO, PEOPLE! Just thought I would peruse through these comments hoping to find some semblance of intelligence. What I see is that nothing has changed; the AUBUMS are still more concerned about trashing us BAMMERS than focusing on their beloved team from the village. Get real, AUBIES! The residents of the ‘Bama Nation know the situation that y’all are in. YOU KNOW THAT YOUR WIN STREAK IS IN JEOPARDY! YOU KNOW THAT NICK SABAN IS A HIRED GUN! YOU KNOW WHAT A TEAM UNDER HIS GUIDANCE CAN BE CAPABLE OF ACCOMPLISHING! If you don’t want to read what I am posting, I suggest you take the time to read what opposing coaches say about Alabama in the latest Athlon SEC Annual. Read it and realize that the Tide will Roll Again and if you won’t listen to what they have to say, it simply proves your ignorance. LATER!

  43. St Clair… You might have a point if your program in general were running somewhat smoothly. Say what you want but all of these arrests started happening AFTER Shula left. The longer Saban seems to stay the worse it seems to be getting in terms of player discipline. Not all of these thugs were Shulas boys either. Jeremy “armed robbery” Elder comes to mind. Till your program stops looking like a Bad episode of Jerry Springer, Believe me when I say, No one at Auburn is worried . Not even A little bit. As a matter of fact, If I had to pick an emotion that I feel for Bama , it would be pity. As I said earlier, You have an adopted COONASS for a coach. Walking the line to a coonass is not quite being a disciplinarian. Bama aint LSU. They werent under a microscope. Yall are.

  44. If Alabama has kept Auburn down over the history of college football why do they only hold a 5 game advantage when they played 30 straight years at their home field (Legion Field)? You Bama fans are so good at selective memory when it comes to history but the numbers do not really support any of your boasts. Just remember ol Mickey Mantle next year, that is right he wore #7!

  45. The BAMMER from S..t Clair:

    You are right!

    A brilliant statement especially since you are talking about 18 to 20 year olds playing a game. Sure Bama could beat Auburn this year, UPSETS are becoming more and more common in the NCAA. See Appalachian State, UL Monroe (and according to Shane and the rest of his cronies, about 5 other losses bama had) and USF just last year. Upsets happen and should Bama beat Auburn for the 1st time ever @ UAT it will be an upset.

    Right again, an overpaid hired gun that doesn’t seem to be able to pull his gun out of the holster and can only shoot himself in the foot. His “Barnie Fife Process” is a joke. He may need to use that gun to straighten out his own players. You were right on in that statement!

    “YOU KNOW WHAT A TEAM UNDER HIS GUIDANCE CAN BE CAPABLE OF ACCOMPLISHING!” We sure do, just look at that record in Miami. Take LSU out of the equation and just look at what he’s been able to accomplish in college football…MEDIOCRATY at best!

    Thank you for pointing out these inadequacies to us “Barners” and the Bammer Nation.

    It’s Great To Be An Auburn Tiger!

    Parole Tide Parole!

  46. David,

    You’re right about the home field. Actually it was 41 consecutive years(1948-1988) that the Iron Bowl was played at Legion Field.

    And, before the series was interrupted after the 1907 game, there were 4 straight games played in Birmingham (1904-1907). So 45 straight games played in Bama’s backyard!

  47. Additionally, Bama leads the all time series in games played in “neutral” Birmingham 34-18-1.

  48. Guys, dont give em any ammo. We will soon be ahead in the series , hands tied behind our back or not. Auburn has never been the excuse makers of the state. The Institute to the west are the champs at that stat as well.

  49. To the guy that said AU’s coach is a whore,that’s laughable. Look at your coach, he’s really loyal to all the teams he coached. And to all the bama’s who say Auburn is scared just by all the posts shane got. There are 50 or so and about half are AU. So your logic for AU being scared is that 25 fans have posted here. Great logic.oh yea, are any of you guys gonna hold saban accountable for any of these problems.SHane I always say great article but this time you actually deserve to be told you wrote an adequate article.

  50. You would think with Alabama’s 57 National Championships and playing Auburn at their home field for 41 straight years they would hold more than a 5 game advantage in the series. Shane how do you address that?

  51. YO! Obviously, “SHANE’S PAIN” forgot to check out Nick Saban’s record at Michigan State. Saban took that program and turned it around. That’s what got LSU’s attention when they went shopping for a head coach in 2000. As for “bad apples” its NORMAL for head coaches within the first 2 to 3 years to have to deal with players that have a hard time conforming to the new regime. Its interesting that the Miami Dolphins’ owner Wayne Huizinga wanted Saban to STAY WITH THE DOLPHINS! He believed in Saban’s ability, even after the horrendous season they experienced in 2006. You AUBUMS have short memories, too. In 2003, after the slow start early in the season, there were PLENTY of AU fans screaming for Tuberville’s head. After “righting the ship” and beating us in ’03 when “Jet Gate” occurred, you were all united behind Tommy because he took what started to look like a disastrous season early on and did a remarkable coaching job. (I give credit when credit is due.) Go ahead and rant about “Little Nicky” all you want because you will, but Nick Saban’s reputation as a head coach will remain intact. Coaches around the country who know this guy will tell you that he is a fierce competitor and a force to be reckoned with. Everybody has to put up with a headache every now & then. The Jimmy Johns situation has been a MIGRAINE, but its over. WORRY ABOUT YOUR “LOVELY LITTLE VILLAGE!” Later.

  52. Is it over? Yall better hope its over. Once he flips it could get ugly.

  53. Do you Bama fans really think with all the thugs you have on your team none were Jimmy’s customers? Johns will sing like a canary and then we will hear another bunch of excuses from the fan base on why half the team was coked up. That rats nest in Tuscaloosa is getting very seedy.

  54. S..t Clair Bammer:

    You are right again! I hadn’t checked Lou Sabans cousin’s record at Michigan State so I just did. Here it is:
    1995 – 6-5-1, awesome
    1996 – 6-6, fantastic
    1997 – 7-5, best yet
    1998 – 6-6, back to just fantastic
    1999 – 9-2, Note: the team went 10-2 but Saby Baby moved on to LSU and left his team to rot. What a guy!

    Below is the recap of his years at Michigan State from Wikipedia:

    Michigan State
    When Saban arrived in East Lansing, Michigan prior to the 1995 season, MSU had not had a winning season since 1990, and the team was sanctioned by the NCAA for recruiting violations committed under his predecessor, his former mentor, George Perles.[1]

    1995-1997 – Beginning in 1995, Saban moderately improved MSU’s fortunes, taking the Spartans to minor bowl games (ALL OF WHICH THEY LOST BY DOUBLE DIGITS) in each of his first three seasons. From 1995 to 1997, Michigan State finished 6-5-1, 6-6, and 7-5. In comparison, MSU had finished 5-6, 6-6 and 5-6 (prior to NCAA forfeits) in 1992-1994.
    1998 – On November 7, 1998, the Spartans upset the #1 ranked Ohio State 28-24 at Ohio Stadium. However, even after the upset and an early-season rout of then-highly-ranked Notre Dame the Spartans finished 6-6, including three last-minute losses featuring turnovers, defensive lapses, and special-teams misplays, and failed to earn a bowl invitation. There was wide media speculation that failure to make a bowl in 1999 could cost Saban his job.
    1999 – Saban led the Spartans to a 9-2 season that included wins over Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State. Conversely, the two losses were ROUTS at the hands of Purdue and Wisconsin, thus knocking the Spartans out of BCS contention. Following the final regular-season game against Penn State, Saban abruptly resigned to accept the head coaching position with LSU. Saban’s assistant head coach and successor, Bobby Williams, then coached MSU to a Citrus Bowl victory over Florida, giving the Spartans an overall record of 10-2 for the 1999 season. It would be the best season in terms of wins for the Spartans since 1965, and it would see the Spartans reach their highest ranking since the 1966 team.

    He didn’t even average 7 wins a year, wow, what a turn around! (Avg. over 5 years was 6.8 wins and 4.8 losses) I’m sure he can accomplish the same turn around at Bama. Hell, he’s aready averaging more wins (7)! I guess he just needs to work on those losses (6)!

    I didn’t realize he was born on Halloween! Should have figured it out though.

    As far as Mr. Wayne Huizenga, he should stick to selling used cars. Saby Baby went 9-7 his first year at the Dolphins then once the “process” was implemented they promptly fell to 6 – 10.

    Again you are correct, Saby Baby’s reputation will stay intact. Just don’t read the Wikipedia page on him, especially the “criticisms and defenses” section cause his reputation kinda sux there. But if you can convince your buddy Shane (or yourself) to start a Shanapedia site, I’m certain it will read much differently.

    Did you see the “Jack and Coke” picture running around the internet? The newest edition is “Jack and Coke Zero” The difference is they added yours and Shanes pictures under the Zero!

    Keep up the defenses and wishes of what Alabama COULD be even though you apparently only think they will be as good as Michigan Sate during Saby Baby’s regime there. That just makes that much more easy to say:


  55. Well Done SHANES PAIN.. WELL DONE!
    Do you guys see the difference in RHETORIC AND RESEARCH? DO SOME BAMMAS DO SOME or book a room in a HOLIDAY INN or something

  56. Once those annoying things called facts appear, well , the Bammers always disappear.

  57. Thank you Shanehaters! Too bad it will probably do no good because you know the only real stats these Bammer Saby Baby Boomers rely on are 25 year old stats from the “glory” days of the Bear, the useless theories of self-proclaimed recruiting guru’s and the padded head counts for attendance of the spring game. Those are the only three positives these goobers have to hang on to.

    By the way, great blogger name!

    Have a great 4th of July! God Bless America! War Damn Eagle! Parole Tide Parole!

  58. Just got back from Wisconsin. They are still laughing about sabin and the Coke Heads at bama. I wore my AUBURN shirt and got shouted at by Badger fans. They asked a lot of questions on why UAT hired the LIAR. I told them to visit this site and read Shane SEZ and other one sided topics.

  59. Great article. At least someone has the kahunnas to tell it like it is. All of these pencil neck critics about the article are just smoking rolled tiger poop and are high on their on deficate.

  60. AD, if thats all you can bring to the table, do yourself and us a favor and toss your computer in the right hand lane of U.S. 280 during rush hour.

  61. YO! Amazing. Its simply AMAZING how much time you invest and research you perform in order to trash Nick Saban. Its like a witchhunt. I guess Tommy Shaw & Styx say it best in the song “Too Much Time On My Hands.” I guess its a psychological thing; you fixate on the obstacle in your path and try to tear it down by any means at your disposal. May I suggest psychotherapy? Just a thought. Anyway, keep ranting and raving. Its a LOT OF FUN watching you shake and shiver about the future! The TIDE shall RISE AGAIN, and beware! ITS GONNA BE A TSUNAMI! Later.

  62. BAMMAR FROM ST CLAIR like the good book says…YOU SET EM UP WE KNOCK EM DOWN!
    … i cant wait till 8-30-08

    and to see this blog when the games begins too is going to be something else

    And you guys have a safe and happy 4th also,….you 2 bammas 😉

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