A Bama Christmas poem

editor’s note: Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Regular contributor Intheknow72 sent this Christmas poem in Christmas Eve; however, I didn’t check my email until late Christmas day and am only now posting it for your holiday enjoyment.

Tis the night before Christmas,
And all is at rest,
For after a decade of stumbling,
Bama’s finally the best,

Best in blocking and tackling,
In recruiting and class,
Best in running the ball down your throat,
Then killing you with the play action pass

We’ve got the best coach,
The consensus has spoken,
For he’s taken every award,
Our opponents’ wills he has broken,

From the lecturn he promised,
We would dominate,
Now almost two years later,
Auburn has fallen prostrate,

First Bowden got fired,
Then Fat Phillip fell,
Then Sylvester…then Tubby…
All that’s left is the history to tell,

And thirty-six to nothing,
The champs beat the dumb,
But this game simply was a foreshadowing,
Of the next nine to come,

Saban caused Auburn to panic,
Not once, but yes, twice,
With an OC’s hiring and firing,
They rolled the dice,

And then they fired Tubby,
Citing he seemed to lack,
And then hired Gene Chizik…Gene Chizik!

Our rivals, they hate us,
And cheered when we lost,
The Gators played perfect,
Tim Tebow was boss

But this was only the beginning,
As our talent continues to rise,
2008 will be remembered,
As the season of surprise

When a team filled with character,
Bought into a plan,
And played unified,
Behind one incredible man,

A foundation was laid,
As the scoffers fell away,
And Alabama climbed back to the top,
Each football Saturday

And stompings and beatdowns,
Though fun to take in,
Will lead to the big prize,
Championships we will win

So as we approach Christmas,
It’s really about Christ,
And the birth of a Savior,
Offering forgiveness and paradise,

But after this and my family,
The best gift I’ll unwrap,
Is the realization that Bama is a force again,
And Auburn isn’t worth a crap.

Merry Christmas to all the Bammers, and to the Aubsessed Family! —Intheknow72

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