ERLC head Brent Leatherwood.

Talk Show host Louder with Crowder exposed the vapidity of Brent Leatherwood

It seems to be a tradition for the head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to embarrass the members of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Russell Moore’s leftist rants were always a source of shame to the SBC. The ERLC even filed false legal briefs. Now, the new head of the ERLC, a Russell Moore disciple, is embarrassing the SBC too. This time Brent Leatherwood shows himself to be exactly like the lifelong Democrat Russell Moore.

Lowder with Crowder released important details about how a leftist attacked a Christian school with the intent to kill kids because of their “white privilege.” This was information that Brent Leatherwood attempted to keep secret. Also, Leatherwood utilized the shooting in Nashville’s Christian school to push for gun control.

Leatherwood ranted about the leaker and called the person a “viper.” We will allow Crowder’s excellent video to showcase just how much of a liar Leatherwood is. What we want to highlight is how Southern Baptists responded to yet another Woke leftist leading the ERLC.

There is now a petition to oust Leatherwood as head of ERLC.

According to the petition published by Connor Buckingham, “Brent Leatherwood has continually used his platform as President of the ERLC given to him by the Southern Baptist Convention to push for policies that are against the wishes of those he represents in the SBC. Leatherwood was a big part of push for Red-flag laws and other gun control efforts in the state of Tennessee after the Covenant School shooting took place. Leatherwood also lobbied continually to keep the shooter’s manifesto from the public eye…This is a repeated theme from Leatherwood. He is missing in action for the big fights such as the banning of child mutilation surgeries, but he is ready and willing to attack those who seek to entrust the public with the truth.”

This is something that many Southern Baptists believe. It is a theme echoed by some comments by petition signers.

Rick Patrick, a pastor and signer of the petition, said on the petition website, “Brent Leatherwood is the closest thing to Russell Moore that a human being can possibly be without actually being Russell Moore himself. After Moore resigned, the ERLC had the opportunity to change not just the person, but the leftward leaning ideology that has infected us over the past several years. The ERLC chose not to do so. What a shame! Maybe next time, they can get it right. (And I do mean ‘right.’) We need a hard right turn of the wheel in our Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.”

As of 9 a.m. November 11, 2023, there are 633 signatures on the petition to remove Leatherwood.

Unfortunately, the trustee system the SBC utilizes insulates leftist rogues like Leatherwood from accountability. Leatherwood in no way represents the views of the vast majority of conservative Southern Baptists. Yet, if your church gives money to the SBC, you are funding his salary and the ERLC’s work to thwart GOP candidates like Donald Trump. Remember: The ERLC worked hard while Russell Moore was president to help sink Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. Get ready for a repeat in 2024 with Leatherwood at the helm.