Christians in Kentucky, Mississippi and other American states faced an unconstitutional attack on religious liberty, but the SBC’s chief lobbyist was strangely silent. Why?

The head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s religious liberty guardian—the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission—was silent as Democrats across America launched unconstitutional attacks on Christians during the Easter holiday week. Russell Moore, head of the ERLC and a former Democratic congressional staffer, published a pro-government essay on Saturday, even as a federal court declared unconstitutional Louisville’s attack on Christian worship.

What was Russell Moore doing? Dr. Tom Buck highlights Dr. Moore’s feckless response:

“Take note that the only group @drmoore chose to specifically single out were the ‘prosperity gospel’ movements? He did not mention ANY of the governmental ‘outliers’ who were attacking the religious freedoms of churches. It’s significant that he chose to only single out churches.”

Why is that?

Russell Moore is a lifelong Democrat. He famously said he wanted a wife like Hillary Clinton.

Are we shocked that Russell Moore would favor Democrats over the Republican-leaning adherents of the Prosperity Gospel?

And it isn’t like the attacks on religious liberty weren’t getting attention. Denny Burk and Albert Mohler were condemning the actions even as Russell Moore praised government officials.


One action was so repugnant that its very arbitrary and capricious nature drew a strong rebuke from federal district court.

“On Holy Thursday, an American mayor criminalized the communal celebration of Easter. That sentence is one that this Court never expected to see outside the pages of a dystopian novel, or perhaps the pages of The Onion. But two days ago, citing the need for social distancing during the current pandemic, Louisville’s Mayor Greg Fischer ordered Christians not to attend Sunday services, even if they remained in their cars to worship – and even though it’s Easter. The Mayor’s decision is stunning. And it is, ‘beyond all reason,’ unconstitutional.”

Note: the federal judge is a Trump nominee for elevation to the federal circuit court of appeals. And this is a good place to remind you that Russell Moore refused to support and actively work to prevent Donald Trump’s election. His 2016 efforts were designed to suppress conservative Christian voter turnout. Fortunately, most everyone ignored Russell Moore and did the right thing.

So, why is he still drawing a paycheck from Southern Baptists?

3 thoughts on “Lifelong Democrat Russell Moore silent as Democrats persecute Christians”

  1. I’ve been a Southetn Baptist most of my life. Our family belonged to Bellevue Baptist Church when Dr. Adrian Rogers was the conservative, proclaimer of Bible truth president of SBC. So, needless to say, we have been very concerned about the gradual but literal, liberal leadership of SBl, and in tandem, the looking the other way (or pretending publicly to hate but within your ranks , you cozy up ) as Democrats have embraced abortion, homosexuality, teligious persecution. Muslim infiltration. Being silent in the pulpit concerning these matters, but rather tiptoe around endorsing people who are running with godly principles —–youd rather people vote for candidates who boldly spit on Christianity and bible believing, God fearing Christians. This is no ok. We have moved recently to another state and have chosen not to join a SB church. We seek a strong body that is not afraid to strongly support fundamental, godly principles, not afraid to preach the gospel, and not afraid to endorse those who seek to govern in a way that does not fly in the face of our Lord and Savior. In closing, if we dont want to be told we must deny Christ in our worship , let alone our daily lives, we must not offer our faith on the altar of political correctness. We will never elect a perfect person, but we can elect a person who makes decisions for our country that please God .


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