Video submitted that highlights Ends Justify the Means thinking of SBC President Bart Barber

The Consequentialism of the New SBC President Bart Barber

A friend did a quick video to highlight something many people might have missed—Bart Barber’s justification for putting liar Todd Benkert on the Sex Abuse Response Committee. It is worth pondering carefully.

“Todd made a big mistake,” Bart Barber said. “Todd sinned.”

Also, “I think it is wrong that Todd lied to Tom (Buck),” Barber said.

This is all true. However, while being a liar and obviously unrepentant would disqualify someone from ministry—it doesn’t appear to disqualify Benkert from running an important SBC committee. Why?

But wait for it—here comes a huge justification for including Todd Benkert on the committee.

“Todd is my friend,” SBC President Bart Barber said. “He has been my friend for a long time…Todd has worked hard at this (sex abuse advocacy) and I think he has good ideas.”

In other words, Todd Benkert is suitably loyal to the revolutionary goals of the Woke clique in control of the SBC and they are happy to ignore the big, public lie because he is part of their club.

This is nothing more than consequentialism or ends justify the means thinking. And it is not the first time that Bart Barber has shown this is what governs his moral worldview.

Other examples of Bart Barber’s ends justify the means thinking includes Ed Litton. Barber argued Litton was wrong to plagiarize but it would be worse for Litton to resign and the Conservative Baptist Network Vice President to become SBC President. In other words, the ends (keeping CBN out of power) justified having a pastor who plagiarized in office. Bart Barber shows not only his contempt for the SBC but his contempt for God—after all God must not be that holy if the church’s shepherds can be such wicked spiritual leaders!

And Barber shows his low view of the Holy God by defending Litton’s plagiarism by attacking the Gospels as examples of plagiarism.

What about Trump?

Someone will certainly raise the issue of Christian support for Trump. Yet, this is folly.

First, Trump was not a pastor. Do we hold pastors to a higher spiritual standard than our butcher? We should.

Second, Trump was a politician and not a denominational official. It would seem churches should hold their officials to a higher standard of ethics than politicians—and if the church refuses, well, that witness everyone talks about is shown to be nothing but talk. And cheap talk at that.

If you want to know why the SBC is in decline, it is because men like Todd Benkert and Bart Barber are in control.