Here is why David Allen was fired by Woke Adam Greenway.

Why did the leftists at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) fire Dr. David Allen? This is the question we’ve been asked over 20 times since news broke last week that the Leftist administration led by Woke Adam Greenway fired the conservative Professor David Allen. This question continues to be asked even after news that the conservative Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary hired Dr. David Allen to be the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Practical Theology, Dean, Adrian Rogers Center for Preaching. So, why did SWBTS fire Dr. Allen?

The clues are all there for the careful reader.

First, Adam Greenway is a paranoid lunatic who was going through David Allen’s emails from the time that David Allen was an SWBTS trustee as far back as the Ken Hemphill administration. Hemphill left SWBTS in 2003. In other words, Greenway was reading emails about 20 years old.

Here is the relevant information from Dr. Allen’s letter to SWBTS trustees. Dr. Allen was told by Dr. Greenway in a May 6 meeting that:

To be told that “Email correspondence exists” between the former president of Southwestern Seminary and myself as his Dean; that “email correspondence exists” from me or about me, during my tenure as a member of the Board of Trustees of SWBTS in Ken Hemphill’s presidency, and then to be told that you had “read every one” of them, in a word, left me flabbergasted. Such statements are inappropriate, an invasion of privacy, and unethical. The very fact that you brought up these emails which have no bearing on my present employment status is hugely problematic. Your comments were certainly intended to intimidate me by bluffing that some problematic or inappropriate document exists. The problem is, no such materials exist. To imply otherwise is defamatory, insulting, demeaning, and completely unbecoming.  

This is just how paranoid the SWBTS administration along with their advisors are. This is an inquisition to destroy the lives of conservatives for no other sin than having been associated with the Conservative Resurgence.

Second, Adam Greenway is a petty, vindictive man. This entire firing was sparked by the fact that Dr. Allen spoke at a Bible Conference that featured former SBC Presidents Jerry Vines, (the pre-disgraced and then NAMB VP) Johnny Hunt, and Paige Patterson.

Here is the relevant information from Dr. Allen’s letter to SWBTS trustees:

Apart from your unhappiness with my appearance on the program at the Bible Conference at North Carolina’s Indian Trail First Baptist Church in March of this year, I quite simply have no idea what you are referencing, and making these types of assertions is nothing short of character defamation.

And another reference about this Bible Conference:

At a point in the discussion where I indicated I am always an ambassador for Southwestern at any speaking commitments, Dr. Wills interjected two comments regarding my recent March engagement at FBC Indian Trail, NC. The first comment had to do with his negative opinion concerning the activities of the immediate past president of the Seminary who happened to be on this same program.

When you combine paranoia along with the insecurity and effeminate nature of Adam Greenway, this is what you get—a conservative professor fired for no other crime than running afoul of Adam Greenway’s enemies list.

This is what your Southern Baptist church supports if it gives a dime to the Cooperative Program. You are paying to ruin the lives of conservatives. You might want to put a stop to that.