Dr. David Allen will join faculty of Mid-America Baptist Seminary. Dr. Allen will be the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Practical Theology, Dean, Adrian Rogers Center for Preaching.

Mid-America Baptist Seminary in Memphis hired Dr. David Allen. The news broke this morning on KWAM 990 in Memphis.

“Some Baptist News: Mid-America Baptist Seminary @MABTS announces on @Mighty990KWAM the hiring of Dr. David Allen. Big news in the Baptist world,” Todd Starnes said.

Mid-American Baptist Theological Seminary made it official with a statement from its leadership. Dr. Allen is the new Distinguished Visiting Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of the Adrian Rogers Center for Biblical Preaching.

MABTS President Dr. Michael Spradlin said, “Dr. David Allen and Mid-America have essentially been on the same track since each of us began our ministries in the 70s. Both have majored on the importance of expository preaching that brings the text to life, and both have been training preachers to preach, teach, and reach the world for Jesus’ sake. We are honored and excited to have such a distinguished educator and preacher joining our faculty.”

This comes after Dr. David Allen, one of the most loved, respected, and prolific theologians in the Southern Baptist Convention was fired by the Woke leadership of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS).

Calvinists and non-Calvinists praised Dr. David Allen after the Leftist Adam Greenway lied about Dr. Allen.

Why did Woke Adam Greenway fire Dr. Allen? Dr. Greenway is paranoid. In fact, he was reading Dr. Allen’s emails from a decade ago when Dr. Allen was a dean at SWBTS. Also, Greenway fired Dr. Allen despite Allen’s help in preventing Joyce Rogers, Adrian Rogers’ widow, from moving the Adrian Rogers Library away from SWBTS in protest of Dr. Greenway’s Leftist leadership.

This move continues to position Mid-America Baptist Seminary as one of the only conservative and reliable seminaries for Baptists.

This is a breaking news update.