Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) President Adam Greenway behaved in an unchristian and unethical manner toward one of the most respected men in the Southern Baptist Convention—Dr. David Allen. Allen is a beloved seminary professor and theologian who penned a massive volume on The Extent of the Atonement. On Thursday, it was reported that Dr. Allen was fired by the seminary. Dr. Allen received an outpouring of support Thursday as Calvinists and non-Calvinists spoke against the actions of SWBTS. Comments praised David Allen for being a humble, gentle Christian and condemned the Woke administration of SWBTS for its behavior in firing David Allen.

Calvinist theologian and Apologist James White said that despite his theological sparring with Dr. Allen, that the firing was not proper treatment for someone with Dr. Allen’s distinguished record of service.

James White said, “I have often found myself criticizing Dr. Allen in the areas wherein we disagree. But this just isn’t right, and it shines a light on what is going on in the SBC. Everyone I know says Dr. Allen is a godly brother, and I hate to see anyone treated like this. :-/.”

Rick Patrick, pastor of First Baptist Church of Sylacauga, said, “Dr. David Allen is a world-class scholar. Among all the Christian theologians who have ever lived, he may very well be the foremost authority on the doctrine of the atonement. When Southern Baptists have room within our seminaries for woke tolerant professors like Karen Swallow Prior, Walter Strickland, and Jarvis Williams, but have no room for David Allen, Russell Fuller, and Robert Lopez, the faithful laypersons in our churches must come to realize it is high time to #changethedirection!”

Ronnie Rogers said, “Southwestern just unnecessarily retired one of the premier scholars in the SBC and evangelicalism. I must admit, I am puzzled by such a decision. Nevertheless, we will always be Dr. Allen’s debtor for the stellar, Christlike scholarship and leadership he has provided at SWBTS.”

Southern Baptist pastor Tom Buck said, “I got to know @DrDavidLAllen shortly after I moved to TX. He’s one of the finest men I know. We differ in some significant theological areas, but he’s always been a good friend. A few descriptions come to mind: gracious, gentle, loyal, and godly. He deserves better than this.”

Scott Aniol, a former professor at SWBTS who left “of his own volition” said that he saw this type of behavior happen “many times” by the leadership of SWBTS.

Aniol said, “As someone who taught for 10 years at @SWBTS alongside Dr. Allen and was not fired, but left of my own volition, I unfortunately saw this kind of thing happen many times. Southern Baptists, especially alumni, need to ask direct questions about what is happening on Seminary Hill.”

Javier Chavez said, “Dr. Allen is a man whose preaching ministry I’ve followed silently for the past two years. All I see & hear is integrity and a profound commitment to the Word of God. The way he’s been treated by SWBTS is tainted with half-truths & pride. I stand with David Allen & his family.”

Scott Colter said, “@DrDavidLAllen taught me text-driven preaching at SWBTS. He served as Dean of School of Theology & the founding Dean of the School of Preaching, which the current admin closed. Allen was perhaps the most prolific author on campus. His treatment raises many troubling questions.”

Lewis Richerson said, “Thank you @DrDavidLAllen for your faithfulness to Christ and His Word! You taught generations of pastors to love God’s Word and how to rightly divide that Word! Saddened by @SWBTS’ decision to remove the most prolific faculty author and greatest teacher of expository preaching!”