Woke SBC Pastor: Churches become more holy and pure as diversity increases

A Woke Southern Baptist pastor said the quiet part out loud when he claimed that a church’s holiness is proportional to its diversity.

Danny Slavich said, “Reconciled diversity (‘one’) is as intrinsic to the church as purity (‘holy’). In fact, the less homogeneous and more diverse a church becomes ethnically, culturally, socio-economically, generationally, the more holy and pure it becomes.”

Leftists think this; however, few are stupid enough to say it this clearly.

As Joshua Abbotoy noted, “It’s rare to see such an express elevation of the cosmopolitan church – holier than those insular country churches in Appalachia or rural Kenya. Note that in this viewpoint, the degree of holiness of the church depends upon neo-liberal social arrangements. One neat trick for holiness. Plant your church in Manhattan, not some country or locale that’s mono-ethnic.”

In other words, a church that is not diverse cannot be as holy as the diverse churches. If this sounds like legalism, then others thought the exact same thing. The reaction from Christians on Twitter was a clear condemnation of this unbiblical thinking.

Samuel Sey asked, “So you believe ‘black’ churches would be more pure if they had more white people?”

And of course, this would apply not only to black churches but white churches.

Tom Buck said, “So only in a multi-cultural society can churches reach the highest levels of holiness and purity? Churches in Africa, Brazil, China, India etc. aren’t able to reach the highest levels of holiness and purity? If your ecclesiology only wokes in your culture, there’s a problem.”

Tom Rush explained how Slavich’s claim lacks biblical support. Rush said, “This is nonsense, but a lot of that going on in Big Eva & SBC circles these days. Holiness has nothing, I repeat NOTHING, to do with a church’s ethnic makeup. No scriptures quoted-because there are no scriptures that say any such thing. Try context of Heb 12; 1Thess 4 & 2Cor 6&7.”

One user translated it to Big Eva: “Guys we have to stop evangelizing white people, we can’t afford to get less diverse.”

Unnamed Sources said, “Too bad Danny here wasn’t around to coach God. Not only could the ancient nation of Israel be more holy by being more diverse, but Jesus could have been more holy in choosing an ethnically diverse group of disciples. See where his nonsense leads?”

A.D. Robles summarized this absurdity, “This is some of the most insane woke theology I’ve ever heard…that’s saying something as I’m a bit of connoisseur.”

It is saying something. Robles has done a great job exposing the nonsense of the Woke church.

The Social Justice Archive said, “It is going to be a sad day when this kind of legalism gets exported out of the USA and binds the consciences of people I love in places of little to no cultural, socio-economic, or ethnic diversity. What hope do they have for holiness if this is required?”

Unfortunately, based on what some experienced missionaries have told CR, this is already being exported and caused confusion on the mission field.

Of course, after being exposed for the absurdity, Slavich did a little motte and bailey. He didn’t mean what he clearly said. He tweeted, “I agree that diversity does not automatically equate to holiness. But reconciliation does. The more reconciled we are to one another subjectively, walking in self-sacrificial love, the more we grow in Christlikeness.”

This is always the case for the Woke. They say something outrageous and when called out for it retreat to a more defensible position.

It is absolutely necessary to hold the Woke SBC pastors accountable. Of course, few are this stupid to admit what they believe.