Bart Barber slanders conservatives at First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida.

In 2019, a group of conservative Southern Baptists were alarmed that a potential pastor held Woke views. A series of tweets embracing what some worried was a Critical Race Theory inspired view of racial justice created a stir in the church. Combine that with the potential pastor’s view that homosexual desires are not sinful and some members were worried. Instead of dealing with the concerns, church leaders labeled the conservatives racist. And one of those SBC Elites joining in the slander was Bart Barber.

Here is a damning tweet from Bart “I’m a unifier not a divider” Barber urging the church to expel the “racists.”

And here is the other side. Here are the conservative Christians who were slandered by Bart Barber and other SBC Elites. Listen to these kind, gentle conservative Southern Baptists who put their reputations on the line and were slandered by Bart Barber and his ilk!

So, Bart Barber and his crew of SBC Elites spouted off on Twitter without knowing or caring about the other side of the story.

They were ready to cancel and excommunicate a group of longtime, conservative Southern Baptists all to further the narrative.

What does the Bible say about that type of behavior?

Bart Barber was ready to label innocent conservatives as racist! That is why David French supports Bart Barber. That is why Rick Warren endorsed Bart Barber. Bart Barber is a typical SBC Elite who will continue pushing the SBC leftward because he is part of the SBC insider machine.

SBC Underground made a great point on Twitter: “Why are Southern Baptist leaders okay with calling out false examples of racism but not calling out wokeness? Why are we not calling out a man who says SSA is not a sin? We need men conservative in both conviction AND action or the SBC is done.”

This is true.

If Bart Barber wins in Anaheim the only proper response is for conservatives to fight in their churches to withdraw from a denomination that would have a plagiarist as president one year and an unrepentant slanderer as president the next.

However, there is a chance. Anaheim is the place you can send a strong and clear message to the SBC Establishment that you will not tolerate these men and their slimy politics.