Karen Swallow Prior attacks right, equates Republicans & Democrats on issue of abortion

The Leftward Drift of the Southern Baptist Convention is best epitomized with SBC Elites promoting the idea that the pro-life party is as bad as the pro-abortion party. J.D. Greear has done it. David Platt has done it. And now SEBTS professor Karen Swallow Prior has done it. In fact, Karen Swallow Prior attacked the GOP when someone pointed out that pictures of dead babies going around social media were “brought to you by the party that isn’t Republican.”

This is indisputably true. However, it created pushback—pushback that “Republicans have abortions too.”

And Karen Swallow Prior’s response? Sharing a story of Republican politicians paying for abortions.

What was Karen Swallow Prior’s not so subtle message?

Republicans are no different than Democrats.

It is a revealing tweet that shows just how far left that Evangelical Elites are these days.

But that’s not all. KSP had another tweet showing not only her combativeness against anyone to her right (remember you can identify a leftist by this truth pas d’ennemi à gauche) but also showing off her snark.

Putting aside the narcissism for a moment, it is revealing that she attributes to herself the inane view that “politics can’t really change hearts, so DoN’T mAkE pOLiTics an idol and Christians do things a tHiRd wAy.”

Prior has a rather interesting twitter history regarding laws and hearts.

Once she tweeted, “But laws won’t change until hearts and minds are.”

On another occasion (after the release of the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel) Prior tweeted, “The fact that laws do not ‘possess any inherent power to change sinful hearts’ is kinda why we need laws in the first place.”

KSP thoughts on idols are always interesting. She has called the family an “idol” in one tweet.

Most revealing was how Karen Swallow Prior compared pro-life Republican voters to Baal worshippers.

Writing in Christianity Today in an article headline Must Pro-Life Mean Pro-Trump? she said, “When the Israelites elected to worship Baal, they didn’t do so with evil intent. On the contrary, they bargained that Baal would save lives because Baal was believed to have the power to bring about prosperity and fertility. Fealty to Baal was, a kind of backup plan in case God didn’t work quickly or satisfactorily enough. The Israelites thought they could have their Baal and their Yahweh, too, so to speak.”

In other words, voting for Trump is compromise—to make an idol out of politics.

There is no doubt the SBC is moving left, and Karen Swallow Prior is dragging the SBC further in that direction. The inability of the likes of Karen Swallow Prior to pointedly condemn Democrats for being the Party of Infanticide makes it clear.

However, things are heating up in the SBC. Tom Ascol represents a real choice for conservative Southern Baptists worried about this obvious and irrefutable leftward drift.