Believe all women, just not when they level allegations against someone on your team.

Alleged abuse victim calls Dean Inserra toxic. Previously, she warned that Grant Gaines exploited her as a ‘prop’ at the SBC Annual Meeting in Nashville.

A Leftist clique of Southern Baptists used Hannah-Kate and now attack & block her on Twitter.

Believe the victims. Well, except when the victims say anything bad about Democrats—that was the way the secular elites behaved for years. Anyone remember Bill Clinton? The same is true of SBC Elites. They are happy to exploit abuse victims to harm political rivals—mostly conservatives; however, they block and attack these alleged victims when the abuse victim says something about one of their SBC Elite clan.

Alleged abuse victim Hannah-Kate Williams claimed Southern Baptist Executive Committee member Dean Inserra is insufferable and does not listen to abuse victims.

According to Hannah-Kate Williams, she has “never interacted with a more un-teachable, arrogant pastor in my entire life…which says a lot.”

Fact check: True. Inserra is toxic.

You might remember Dean Inserra called the Conservative Baptist Network (CBN) a group of “butt-hurt Patterson supporters.”

So, Hannah-Kate Williams is right. Inserra is one of the most toxic people in the Southern Baptist Convention. He is the attack dog of the Woke. It is why he was placed by the Leftists of the SBC on the Executive Committee.

But notice something else. Notice how quickly the people dismiss Hannah-Kate Williams’ critique of SBC Elites when it is their side—the Woke side—under her scrutiny.

In that tweet stream, former Russell Moore crony and current Ed Litton employee Joshua Wester joins in and goes after Hannah Kate. In fact, she responds and what does the super Woke and pro-crack down on abuse Wester do? He Blocks her.

That hardly seems like someone who is Caring Well for an abuse victim.

Hannah-Kate Williams has previously pointed out she felt some SBC Elites used her as a “prop.” In fact, Williams was specific in naming Grant Gaines as one of those doing it.

She tweeted, “You guys were right. Grant and Ronnie were using me as a prop. I didn’t realize it then. But now I see it.”

She deleted that tweet, but if you look at the screenshots above, the feelings remain—some SBC Elites used her and were not really interested in addressing her allegations.

In other words, they played politics.

Naturally, that might anger someone who feels exploited.

All Hannah-Kate Williams was to Grant Gaines and his clique was a steppingstone to harming conservatives & preparing Gaines for the SBC Presidency (yes, it is clear he is being groomed and promoted for that future event.)

These Woke SBC folks played with the fire of deconstruction via the means of the lies of Russell Moore and then when the house catches fire, these people are shocked!

It would be comical were there not real victims being harmed by the lies of Russell Moore and the Leftist games of Grant Gaines and Dean Inserra.

UPDATE: This graphic says it all.