Another hire by a Southern Baptist entity is a Wokevangelical.

Vance Pitman said his church has as many MSNBC viewers as Fox News viewers—which means his church is filled with godless Democrats who should be under church discipline and not enabled by weak leaders.

The new head of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) church planting Send Network of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) affirmed the concept of white privilege in a podcast and promoted multiculturalism.

Here, I am a white dude from Alabama, I don’t even understand what white privilege meant—I didn’t get any of that back then. I had to learn all of that,” Pitman said on the Preacher’s College podcast.

Pitman was tabbed by scandal plagued NAMB and Kevin Ezell to run the Send Network. Pitman takes the new role March 1, 2022, according to Pravda, err Baptist Press.

Pitman replaces Dhati Lewis—who was also Woke. A whistleblower produced evidence that Dhati Lewis was promoting a heretical Social Justice Gospel. Also, Lewis’ church supported the Democrat front group the And Campaign—a group that attempted to seduce Christians to vote for godless Democrats. NAMB’s church planting efforts were exposed over the last few months promoting churches with women pastors and participating in beer festivals.

Podcast highlights Vance Pitman’s multiculturalism & enabling of Democrat church members

Pitman explained his church made a concerted effort to become multicultural.

“God brought a guy on my staff team 15 years ago…from inner city Camden, New Jersey, as urban and black of a culture as you can imagine,” who apparently helped Pitman and the church on its road toward multiculturalism.

“A lot of people talk multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, but what they really mean is multi-colored,” Pitman said. “They want different colors of people in the church, but they still want the church to function in one dominant philosophy.”

Pitman then dropped a bombshell—that church is about making everyone uncomfortable.

“True multi-ethnic church means everybody is going to be uncomfortable, even me as the senior pastor,” Pitman said. “Because when multiple cultures begin to share ownership in the philosophy of ministry and strategy of a church, it begins to feel and look differently.”

This is an interesting philosophy—that church should be something of a bad experience for everyone. While that sounds pious, is this really the point of worship? Shouldn’t worship be focused on God rather than how uncomfortable it makes everyone in the room?

Pitman continues SBC Elite coddling of Democrats

Then Pitman admits he has a church filled with as many Democrats as actual Christians.

“In the 2016 election cycle, I got a church with as many MSNBC watchers as Fox News watchers,” Pitman said on the podcast. “That was the most difficult season pastoring a multi-ethnic church in all of my ministry life. So, we decided to take six weeks and preached a series that is still on our website called State of the Union.”

That sermon series promoted the idea like what David Platt promoted in 2020, that Christians can come down for either political party—which is false. No Christian can vote for a Democrat because Democrats support abortion and attacks on religious liberty.

“The election will come, and the election will go, but we will still be brothers and sisters in Christ,” Pitman said in the 2016 sermon series.

This is pragmatism on display. Voting for abortion supporting politicians should get one removed from church membership. Instead, Pitman enables this evil philosophy. And now he takes this view to the North American Mission Board. That means conservative SBC churches will plant wicked, pro-Democrat churches with lots of MSNBC viewers.

You can watch that sermon series here:

State of the Union Week 3: How Should I Approach This Election? from Hope Church, Las Vegas on Vimeo.