But trust the trustees, ya’ll!

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) trains church planters at a church with a woman teaching pastor. Echo Church of San Jose, CA. hosts a residency program through the SEND Network of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and some of its staff are listed as church planter trainers. The interesting part is that the church has a woman listed as a teaching pastor, and apparently preaches during corporate worship services.

According to Pastor Gabriel Hughes, “I agree: only men can be pastors as Scripture says. The problem is that we’re getting mixed messages. @NAMB_SBC has churches like @echochurchlive in Send Network that gives the title “pastor” to a woman & functions as a pastor (preaches in corporate worship).”


You can find sermons preached by the woman teaching pastor on YouTube:

NAMB promotes the residency program with Echo Church on its website and Echo.Church promotes it on its website.

Also, Echo church pastor Filipe Santos lists his role on the Frontline Coaching website. His bio says he is “a church-planting trainer for the SEND Network.”

Lead Pastor Andy Wood wrote blogs for NAMB in 2015 and 2018. His 2018 post can be viewed here.

NAMB profiled Echo Church in its Summer 2018 magazine on church planting. You can view that here starting on page 28.

It appears the SBC through NAMB has women preachers in church plants and churches with women teaching pastors that are training church planters.

Anyone see a pattern?

Anyone see a problem?

This is now a problem coast-to-coast. It is a problem that directly goes to Kevin Ezell and his North American Mission Board.

Once again this raises many questions about Kevin Ezell’s leadership of the North American Mission Board.

Do they even supervise the churches or do they give money to anyone who seems sufficiently Woke or planting in some hip zip code?

Who approves the churches in the residency program?

Who approves the trainers? Are they vetted doctrinally?

How much money has the SBC given to Echo Church and its associated plants?

So many questions.

Sadly, it is doubtful the serfs will get an actual reply from SBC Elites.

Trivia: Anyone remember that Ezell was pastor of one of this year’s SBC Presidential candidates?

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