McLean Bible Church conservatives send a message to Woke Social Justice pastors across America—you will be held accountable.

David Platt used his sermon this morning, July 11, 2021, to campaign against conservative dissidents within McLean Bible Church. Platt talked about unity but engaged in attacks alleging conservatives were using “ungodly practices.” At issue is the future of McLean Bible Church. Will it be Woke under David Platt, or will it return to its conservative roots?  

Platt made it clear he will do anything to win—that includes lying about conservatives trying to save the church from racial identity politics.

“Last week I shared with our church that a group of people inside and outside this church is coordinating a divisive effort to use disinformation and I would add a divisive effort to exploit people with sincere concerns in order to persuade people to vote down biblically qualified elder nominees in an effort to take control of this church,” Platt said.

Inside and outside the church? You can almost hear Hillary Clinton whining about a vast rightwing conspiracy.

“Leaders of this group have expressly said behind the scenes that their aim is to sow as many seeds of distrust as possible in leaders of this church,” Platt said. “They are using every means they can to do that.”

Behind the scenes? If so, how does David Platt know about it?

So, the current administration has done nothing to sow the seeds of distrust?

Maybe, just maybe, David Platt and his cronies deserve some of the blame for what is happening at McLean Bible Church. After all, the leadership was warned many times–probably hundreds–that its promotion of Critical Race Theory was tearing the church to pieces.

Platt alleged the group of conservatives are using “ungodly practices.” That is rich coming from David Platt, who lied multiple times in the pulpit last week. It is clear, David Platt has no shame.

Notice how David Platt never names the group spreading division? That is because he fears if you know them, then his lies will be exposed.

Steve Gaskins (former elder), Tommy Lippard (long time ministry leader, who they also denied the right to vote at the last meeting after he wrote an email to Platt a few days before the vote, Jeremiah Burke, Jim Powers, also who is a powerful ministry leader. The group includes Abby & Paul Peregrino, who served 12 years at MBC- volunteers for Kids Quest, Citywide, Clothing Ministry, Turkey Outreach, Men’s Discipleship. The “small group” David Platt described is hundreds of members from ministries such as First Light, Teammates, Friends and Fellowship, Fuel, Focus, Discovering the Word, Reengage, and Access, and many more ministries. This group is made of up the most respected and godly men and women in the church, including former elders, nominated elders, ministry leaders, lay leaders, and more. And Platt describes their actions as ungodly!

Platt said he and the entire leadership team take concerns seriously.

However, multiple church staff, former elders and McLean lay leaders wrote to Platt about his promotion of racial identity politics. Platt ignored and never stopped dividing the church over Critical Race Theory and the promotion of its godless ideologies. Platt has promoted this evil ideology even during a T4G sermon—as Dr. Voddie Baucham exposed in his book Fault Lines.

Platt then said there is no place for “sowing seeds of distrust” in the church through the use of online platforms—even as he insults and lies about those who sincerely disagree with his pro-Democrat book on voting and promotion of racial identity politics.

The “sowing seeds of distrust” is because all these conservative man and women are telling the truth and it has shaken the foundation of David Platt’s kingdom built on lies.

David Platt exemplifies the Iron Law of Woke Projection. He complains about political maneuvers while he is doing exactly that. For example, David Platt abolished the secret ballot. Talk about a banana republic!

Pot. Kettle.

Kettle. Pot.

Platt then gave a campaign stump speech to encourage his faction of the church to be present at the vote.

Platt demands unity in the body; however, he fails to note that what causes division in the Body of Christ are false teachers who promote racial identity politics.

In other words, David Platt is the one dividing the church and not his conservative opponents—who are composed of all races and demanding biblical fidelity and unity in Christ.

What is happening at McLean Bible Church sends a message to Woke Social Justice pastors across America—you will be held accountable.

No longer are the Woke able to evade accountability for dividing our churches along racial lines.

This is the beginning of a reckoning for all who have divided the Church. The brave conservatives at McLean Bible Church are showing the way.