A former SWBTS professor said the former student’s experiences mirrored his own time under the Adam Greenway regime at SWBTS.

A former Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary student claimed the school mistreats women, favors men and mishandled a rape allegation. The claims were made by Tiffany Eustice in a Facebook post and then shared in an essay by former Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary professor Robert Lopez.

The Facebook post by Tiffany Eustice contains significant details about her own experience.

Of particular importance is this section of the post:

A friend was raped by another man (not a student). She went to higher ups, they interrogated her for hours with no woman present and blamed her for the incident. I am only scratching the surface. I went to a professor about family issues. I told him when I went home I got suicidal. I was hospitalized (by the school) for suicidal ideation and PTSD. After I got kicked out, I asked them to at least let me stay on campus or with a friend on campus for my mental health and safety, though I wouldn’t attend classes. Their response was ‘You’re exaggerating. Figure it out and go home.’ The same professor called my dad without my permission and told him I was saying he was abusive (a word I never used to the best of my memory) and sent me home – the same home I told him made me suicidal. He also told my dad there was ‘more to’ me being kicked out than he could say – though he told me it was a one time offense. I got literally cornered at home, interrogated, and my dad got in my face so I left the house and was told not to come back. If it had not been for friends who stepped up, the school would have left me homeless and jobless.”

The entire post is about 1,200 words. The above is only an excerpt. It is worth reading. The woman deserves to be heard and have her complaints fairly adjudicated. You can read the entire thing. And should if you care about how women are treated.

That was the point Dr. Lopez made in his essay. The case should not be exploited for political reasons—as was done by the recent media firestorm around Mike Stone and Paige Patterson. Instead, Dr. Lopez urged compassion for the women and a careful investigation.

According to Dr. Lopez, “My case differed from Ms. Eustice’s, though, because I was a grown professional at 48 years of age when they pulled this. I had greying bangs and twenty years of experience in the professorate. Sure, they could push me around, but I had no problem pushing right back at them. And I was in a position to publish whatever I wanted about their misdeeds because I did not live in terror of being blacklisted from Southern Baptist institutions.

For a young woman of barely twenty years, it is different. Raised in a home with fervently religious parents and still inexperienced in any profession, these people must have terrified her. Her publication of the accounts deserves a great deal of respect and credit.”


Now it is time to watch how the Believe all women crowd responds. Will they demand the current SWBTS Administration be investigated about these allegations? Or, will we find only excuses?

And what will Ed Litton do?

Adam Greenway’s SWBTS actively spent CP dollars to host a campaign event for Ed Litton. That means SWBTS helped elect Litton. Will Litton condemn SWBTS and demand an investigation?

Or, will Litton ignore and pretend nothing happened?