Failure to repudiate Critical Race Theory by name was white guilt and cowardice, says Dr. Voddie Baucham. Urges Christians to fight CRT by name.

The Southern Baptist Convention messengers were cowards for not repudiating Critical Race Theory by name, said Dr. Voddie Baucham on the Todd Starnes Show.

“I don’t think it was so much buying in (to CRT) as much as white guilt and cowardice,” Dr. Baucham said. “It was obvious building up to the Convention that the issue at hand was Resolution 9 on Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality from two years ago and how that was going to be responded to. And when you respond to it with a Resolution that refuses to even name Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, that is an act of cowardice.”

Dr. Baucham urged conservative Christians to continue in the fight against Critical Race Theory.

“I think we continue to press the issue,” Dr. Baucham said. “I think we continue to name this for what it is and continue to expose the tenets of this ideology. I think we continue to demonstrate that this it antithetical to biblical truth.”

Dr. Baucham described Critical Race Theory as a “demonic ideology” that the Church must fight. The “hegemonic power” that these Critical Theories are fighting is, “at the end of the day, Christianity,” he said.

How dangerous is Critical Race Theory to America, Starnes asked.

Dr. Baucham replied, “It is incredibily dangerous. It is a destructive ideology. It is a divisive ideology.”

Dr. Baucham summarized Critical Race Theory as a Marxist oppressor-oppressed paradigm that divides people based on race and ethnicity. All Critical Theories “are working toward the revolutionary overthrow” of the system, according to Dr. Baucham.

In CRT, the division is by race and ethnicity instead of class–as was the case in traditional Marxism.

“It says that white people by virtue of their whiteness are guilty,” Dr. Baucham said.

And just like other political revolutionary movements, this one is designed to gain power for some people.

“People who ought to be offended by it instead or not offended by it because this is all about power,” Dr. Baucham said.  

Also criticizing the Southern Baptist Convention was Pastor of Dallas First Baptist Church Dr. Robert Jeffress. Jeffress said the SBC should have denounced Critical race Theory at its Annual Meeting in Nashville last week.

“Baptists call everything else out by name in these resolutions, Dr. Jeffress said on the Todd Starnes Show. “They should’ve spoken about it (CRT). Look, to hate someone else because of the color of their skin, that is racism. God hates it because he is the one who gave us our skin color. To hate yourself because of the color of your skin, or to teach others to hate themselves is also racism and it needs to be denounced.”