Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality experts Dr. James Lindsay and Dr. Peter Boghossian reveal the Intersectionality of SBTS Professor and Al Mohler protégé Dr. Jarvis Williams.

Jarvis Williams was virtue signaling in essay, says Dr. Boghossian.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) professor Dr. Jarvis Williams penned an essay in 2017 that Dr. James Lindsay and Dr. Peter Boghossian declared was infused with Intersectionality.

“This person is an intersectionalist. Period,” Dr. Lindsay said.

Dr. Lindsay’s comments came after reading this excerpt of Dr. Jarvis Williams essay, “Intersectionality and Reconciliation in Our Churches.”

Dr. Jarvis Williams writes, “Though I’m a marginalized African-American man within white male-dominated evangelical movements (Southern Baptist and Reformed), I’m still part of the privileged male majority in my Christian tribe. My brown, marginalized identity intersects with my male identity. Though my African-American identity has caused me to lose certain privileges and has caused me certain traumatic experiences of racism in both the SBC and in the broader evangelical movement, my male identity affords me certain privileges that are unavailable for many black and brown women in white male-dominated, evangelical Christianity.” (emphasis added)

Dr. James Lindsay said, “This is the process of declaring your position within that intersecting set of systems of powers as described by Patricia Hills Collins, black feminist and one of the early Critical Race Theorists, called the Matrix of Power.”

Dr. Peter Boghossian said, “Every civilization, every society has a dominant moral that has arisen in that age. In this society, that is Intersectionality. In Homer’s time it was strength. In Voltarie’s time it was humor. In Aristotle’s time it was the Athenian gentleman. It goes on and on.”

However, in our time it is now Intersectionality that has the social cache.

“You could be concerned about any one of a number of things but right now this is the idea that’s in vogue and there is social privilege and currency to be gained by advocating this idea… When I read things like this I’m always thinking, is this really a statement of identity or is this a political statement? When someone puts their pronouns in their bio it’s not because they want you to know what their gender is. It’s a political statement. It is virtue signaling. They’re virtue signaling to you,” Dr. Boghossian said.

Intersectionality was one of the godless ideologies promoted in the infamous Resolution 9 from the 2019 SBC Annual Meeting in Birmingham. In that year, Resolution 9 declared Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to be Analytical Tools that a Christian can use.

An interesting sidenote about this article was that it was removed from The Witness website and later replaced with a revised article containing an author’s note saying he does not believe Intersectionality. In 2018, we  reported the article promoting Intersecctionality disappeared from The Witness website.

Sovereign Nations believes the removal and editing of the article was designed to hide just how far CRT and Intersectionality were being spread inside Al Mohler’s seminary.

According to Sovereign Nations, “The original, clear, bold statements of SBTS’s Dr. Jarvis Williams in the original article in 2017, which would lead anyone reading to understand that Dr. Williams not only advocates intersectionality but that Dr. Williams utilizes intersectional lenses to view the world and Christianity, had become politically inconvenient.”

Politically inconvenient to whom?

Al Mohler.

It is yet another proof that Mohler is not fit to lead the Southern Baptist Convention as President. If he cannot remove those spreading the dangerous venom of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality from his seminary, what makes anyone think he can lead the SBC through this difficult period?

There must be an investigation of the spread of these godless ideologies. We need answers about how far these have spread and how many people paid by the Cooperative Program hold to these views.

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