Head of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board says Russell Moore claim about Georgia Baptists was false.

A key claim in a Russell Moore letter that the Georgia Baptists had a task force to investigate the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) was denied by the head of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

Russell Moore claimed in an email “leaked” to the public, “The ‘task force’ report initiated in February 2020 was headed by the then-chairman Mike Stone, who likewise participated in a similar ‘task force’ in Georgia in 2014-15.”

According to the Christian Index, “There has never been such a task force in Georgia,” said Tommy Fountain Sr., chairman of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board’s Executive Committee. “I can’t speak to why Russell Moore made this claim, but I can state categorically that it isn’t true.”

While the head of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board cannot speak to “why Russell Moore” made the false claim—we can—Russell Moore is a liar.

Russell Moore is also a Democrat.

We know, that is redundant; however, it is important to point out to the public.

Key elements of the Russell Moore narrative proving to be false seems to be a trend these days. None other than Ronnie Floyd, a leader who rarely says anything harsh, made a press release that said his memory of events was different than what Russell Moore said.

Floyd’s exact words were: “For those matters of which I was present, I do not have the same recollection of these occurrences as stated.”

In other words, Ronnie Floyd said Russell Moore is a liar.

Dr. Floyd is too nice to say it so bluntly.

However, for the good of the Southern Baptist Convention someone must say it.

So, Russell Moore is a Democrat and a liar.

And given how Democrats lied about the Russian collusion hoax, the Brett Kavanaugh rape allegations, and the smear of the Covington kids—anyone believing a Democrat is a fool.