Candi Finch exposes how a supposed donors list was actually an Outlook contact list including her dentist, doctor, hair stylist, gynecologist and restaurants like Brennan’s in New Orleans. SWBTS has history under Adam Greenway of telling lies. Just ask Dr. Robert Lopez.

Did Colby Adams and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary lie about the Pattersons and Candi Finch in the 2021 SBC Book of Reports? Judge for yourself as Candi Finch demolishes Colby Adams. Here is the transcript of the Twitter woodshed. Somebody should call an ambulance.

Thread: @colbyadams, I haven’t heard back from you on my question on whether or not the CSV file you mention is a copy of the Pattersons’ and my own outlook contacts. Don’t worry, @jehorton6, the man I sent it to back then, just sent me a copy.

After reviewing it, it is our outlook contacts. Are there donors included? Sure, the Pattersons had some of the donors contact info in their personal contacts–yet not “all individuals and entities who made donations to @SWBTS” as your #sbc21 report alleges.

For example, since your report mentions Elizabeth Griffin, let’s talk about her. She was a personal friend of the Pattersons for over 4 decades. She was in their contacts. Was she also a @SWBTS donor? Yes. She gave to the school because of her friendship with the Pattersons.

The only reason @SWBTS had her contact info was because of the Pattersons. @colbyadams I know you weren’t at @SWBTS in 2018 so let me help you understand the document in that email. Let’s just go through some of the excel doc. The first entry, Dr. Wu, she was my dermatologist.

Dr. Shadle in line 9 is my dentist. The Spa listed in line 13 is fantastic. If you need a facial, they are worth the drive. Line 37 is the contact information for my gynecologist. Entry 33 “Mamoo’s Grave” is the location of where my grandmother is buried.

Entry 65 is for the Pizza Hut that delivers to the seminary. If you are looking for a delicious thin crust pizza with sausage and onions, I highly recommend them. However, most of the first 300 hundred entries are for my family members, people from my church, etc.

Entry 97 is for the newspaper delivery guy. Number 127 is the place where I used to get my hair cut. The “Mom” entry in 157 is my mom, and “Dad” in 159 is my father. Once you get to the 300s, it really gets good. A lot of those are restaurants you will want to try.

One of my personal favs is number 303 Brennan’s in New Orleans. Wow, that place is outstanding! Oh, and if you are ever in London, check out entries for the tea shops and the bookstores. We have listed some hidden gems! If you need a good GI doc, check out entry 323.

I could go on–this list includes hotels, the Patterson’s dog’s vet, restaurants, stores, people they know over decades of ministry, & on and on. @colbyadams since you replied to let me know exactly what “evidence” you had, let me say thank you for clearly this up.

However, can you say with a clear conscience that the book of reports is fair and accurate or have you all shaded & twisted the truth? I hate to even have this discussion publicly because I am weary of @SWBTS and the constant attacks and I know responding just fuels the fire.

You all chose to publicly slander me and the Pattersons. @bartbarber was quick to state publicly that it was all true. While I have been at a ministry conference at church all day, the twitter trolls have done their work spreading these lies. The damage is done.

People have called me names today, questioned my character, and mocked me. For all of those who with glee pointed to @colbyadams tweet as bringing the “receipts” – please ask him if I have stated anything incorrectly in this thread.

I have tried to “shake the dust” off my feet in regards to @SWBTS. You all made clear your low regard for me when you fired me. Enough is enough.

So for @rcollingsworth, @griffingulledge, and others who asked about discrepancies or said I left something out, why not ask @AdamGreenway, @colbyadams, and the @SWBTS trustees about what I have shared?

Why would a “confidential donor list of the Seminary’s” have any of the entries I have described above? It wouldn’t. The seminary’s donor list at that time was maintained with a program I think was called Razor’s Edge. I did not have the program nor access to any of the files.

Just a reminder, SWBTS was exposed as liars about Dr. Robert Lopez.

This appears to be a pattern for SWBTS under Adam Greenway. Shameful!

This is what happens when you get Woke leadership in the SBC.