ERLC argues for nuance in teaching boys and girls how to behave.

Gender should be nuanced, and Christians should remember that even in the Bible gender is presented as “fluid and relational,” according to an essay published by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention.

According to the essay posted on the ERLC’s website, “It’s important to affirm ways in which gender expression is fluid and relational—even in the Bible.”

Ponder that for a moment.

The point the author is getting at however seems far different than what that sentence implies. The author amplifies his thought by pointing out how different people like Jacob and Esau showed both were men, but one was hunter and the other prepared a stew.

Then to make the point clear, he writes, “There are a range of ways masculinity and femininity are expressed across relationships and cultures today as well. In Scotland, for instance, a kilt is a cultural expression of masculinity. In the States, wearing one might seem more appropriate for a school girl. Gender doesn’t emerge identically across all times and cultures.”

Of course, they will justify all the nuance because they declare earlier in the essay: “Because God made mankind male and female, a man or woman’s gender is—in this sense—fixed (Gen. 1:27). It cannot become whatever we want it to be, because our gender is a part of our personhood. Being a man or a woman is a gift we receive from God.”

So, what you are seeing here is a dialectical process where two inconsistent propositions, namely, God sets gender and it is based on sex and one can be whatever gender one feels, are synthesized. In this case, what we see is that much of gender presentation can be cultural—and thus, situational and relational as in the example of the kilt.

Of course, the author affirms the God-given elements of the masculine and feminine within the marriage relationship; however, the damage was done in that one sentence by asserting that Christians should affirm gender expression is fluid.

Is this something that you think wise?

Is this what you want coming from the Southern Baptist Convention?

If not, you might want to get to Nashville and vote for one of the real conservative candidates (NOT Ed Litton or Al Mohler). Time is running out to save the SBC from going full Woke and Leftist.