Woke employees will become Woke bullies. Two stories illustrate how it works.

In an internal report Seeking Clarity and Unity, 350 conservative Cru staff members exposed the extent that Critical Race Theory (CRT) infects Cru. It is not pretty. Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, is filled with over 500 Woke Social Justice warriors. One item in the report highlights how going Woke empowers the Social Justice bullies.

Beginning about 2015, Cru adopted elements of CRT. Cru leadership promoted Racial Identity Politics at its national meetings and in its cultural trainings. By 2020, CRT yielded its bitter fruit of resentment and entitlement.

In October 2020, 500 Cru staff members signed a letter protesting the white leadership of the organization. The letter complained, “Many have called on Cru to diversify its leadership within its board of directors, president, and executive leadership. It is frustrating to witness three missed opportunities to name a person of color to these positions.”

The Cru protest letter also falsely stated, “There is a history of the Church (local and parachurch) turning a blind eye and staying silent to systemic oppression and/or actively engaging in oppression and suppression of marginalized voices.”

In other words, at least 500 people serving as Christian mission workers at Cru have abandoned the Christian worldview for the Grievance Gospel of Social Justice.

These 500 staff members are Woke bullies. They are would-be totalitarians.

Compare Cru’s experience with another story on the Social Justice Mob.

Grace Daniel’s story in the American Mind shows how the Social Justice mob infiltrates and then makes demands. Grace and her husband founded a non-profit “to address disparities in mental health care” by improving training of the “lay care providers” who do so much of the work with “vulnerable populations such as refugees and human trafficking survivors.”

In time, the organization grew. As it grew, in came the Woke ideology among the mental health professionals on staff.

Then, “the open letters began. The letters were always directed to everyone in the organization from the graphic designer to the governing board, always asserted vaguely that the organization was ‘causing harm,’ and always ended with demands. We were alarmed and confused.”

The demands were about power.

The Woke want control.

Grace Daniel writes, “They wanted control of the organization. Not understanding board governance, they demanded that the head of the program staff replace the Executive Director as a voting member of the board. They reasoned that because the Executive Director was straight, white, male, and Christian, he was unqualified to lead an organization addressing trauma.”

Compare this to the demands of Cru’s Social Justice and Diversity staff. They complained that Cru promoted two white men instead of BIPOC or (Black/Indigenous/People of Color).

The Cru staff used the same language in their letter that Grace Daniel’s staff used in their missives—systemic oppression.

The Cru staff discounted the value of white male leadership just as the people employed by Grace Daniel’s non-profit claimed a white male was unqualified by virtue of being a white male.

There are many lessons in these two stories—but the most basic is that if an organization has Woke employees, then you will soon get bullied.

Personnel is policy. If the employees are Woke, the culture will be too.