A screenshot of the report Seeking Clarity & Unity that documents the teaching and promotion of Critical Race Theory (CRT) by Cru.

UPDATE: You can now read the entire report.

Explosive 174-page report details problems at Cru including Critical Race Theory & shaming Donald Trump voters.

Report contains first-hand accounts of Leftward Drift of Cru as it embraced Critical Race Theory.

Report details anti-Trump political views fostered by Cru trainings, Bible studies.

Cru staffers felt guilty for being white following Cru events.

Cru Trainings promoted White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Xendi, The Heart of Whiteness by Robert Jensen, and The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby.

Cru required radical Woke trainings prompting alarm among donors.

According to a bombshell internal report prepared by conservative ministry workers at Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, Cru required intensive staff trainings with radical Woke readings and exercises that promoted an anti-White-American rhetoric that polarized and radicalized staff and students. A clear anti-Donald Trump politics was presented by Cru trainers, according to the Seeking Clarity and Unity report. The internal report was prepared by conservative Cru staff.

According to one account contained in the report, “I found the underlying [and ongoing, yet very subtle] anti-white-American rhetoric to be very polarizing and incendiary. This was confusing, especially if the desired goal is to obtain ‘unity’ and ‘oneness.’”

Cru trainings included readings from discredited sources like Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility and Ibram X. Xendi’s How to be an Antiracist. Tucker Carlson said DiAngelo’s White Fragility is “Poisonous Garbage.” And New Discourses highlighted to insane definition of racism promoted by Xendi. The intense training sessions could “radicalize” trainees and “promoted” disunity, according to the report.

Cru Cultural Trainings & other sources presented an Anti-Donald Trump Political Message

Much of the disunity involved the anti-White-American rhetoric. However, a great deal of the Cru Cultural Trainings included political messages against Donald Trump. According to the report, there was a great deal of anti-Trump messaging.

The report said Cru trainers shamed Trump voters and alleged Christians could not vote for Trump.

According to one account cited in the report, “At this Cultural Training, there was a lot of political talk from up front. There was shaming of the majority culture for voting for Trump in the last election and calling themselves Christians, telling us we can’t be a racist and a Christian, etc.”

The Trump Derangement within Cru led to the removal of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology textbook from course readings for Cru’s Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS). According to the report, it was Grudem’s support of Donald Trump and Grudem’s support for building a wall along the US-Mexico border that led to the removal of the text.

According to the report, “another watershed moment was when Keith eliminated Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology textbook from all IBS classes. He gave three reasons, but his third (Grudem’s stand on ‘the Wall’ and ‘Trump’ not appealing to some staff) I saw as capitulation to Wokeness. We’d lost one of the best systematic theology textbooks due to CT/CRT.”

Guilt over Being White

The bombshell internal Cru report detailed many instances of Cru ministry workers facing guilt just for having white skin. One 49-year Cru employee detailed how the messaging made him feel.

According to the report, “With this brand of social justice, I’m just an old white man, which gives me no right to speak out at all. I’m automatically judged as being racist because of my skin color. Yet Acts 17 says the Lord made all nations from one man—the human race.”

One Cru staff member was upset by support for the Black Lives Matter movement and raised the concern with their former Campus Area Leader.

“I was feeling confused, shaken & concerned about hearing these answers and so much praise about the BLM movement because I had already researched their beliefs and felt it was not compatible with my biblical views. Now my Christian employer was embracing it and telling me I was racist,” the report says.

Another Cru staffer said the Cultural Training left most feeling shamed.

“I left that Cultural Training with a tremendous amount of guilt, and no way to deal with the blame that was heaped on me just for being in the white majority,” the conservative report said.

Cru Donors rebel at Woke Social Justice Emphasis

And the concern over the Wokeness spread beyond Cru workers.

Donors alarmed at the promotion of Racial Identity Politics are beginning to stop supporting the ministry through their monthly support of Cru staff, according to the report. (The organization requires many workers and missionaries to raise their own support.)

Firsthand accounts documented in the report include how videos surfaced of the Cru 19 meetings raised questions about the worldview priorities at Cru and prompted some to stop giving. One case documented in the report showed a 38-year supporter stopped giving $400 per month over anger about the Social Justice Movement in Cru. Another Cru worker lost $100 per month because of Cru’s shifting emphasis to Social Justice.

Cru’s Response to Report: Dissolve Conservative Group

The report was prepared by an internal committee of conservative Cru ministry workers alarmed at the divisions forming because of the Racial Identity Politics.

The internal group formed in 2019 with an initial nucleus of five that over time swelled to at least 350 active Cru employees by the end of 2020. Its purpose was to restore balance and theological precision to missions. Conservatives within Cru said the organization’s new focus on racial justice led to a mission drift where the organization lost its focus on the Great Commission.

In November 2020, the conservative organization released its 174-page report to Cru leadership. The report outlined concerns, provided a theological critique of racial division in the organization and proposed solutions.

It was in December 2020, that Cru management ordered the organization dissolved.

According to multiple persons close to the organization, the report was not well received by Cru’s national leadership team. Many refused to comment publicly out of fear of retaliation. But, according to anonymous sources, Cru did not make changes related to its promotion of these dangerous and godless ideologies of Critical Race Theory and Standpoint Epistemology.