Dwight McKissic, the Southern Baptist pastor who voted for Hillary Clinton, Critical Race Theory booster and Russell Moore supporter, said that the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 is unclear about women preaching. As evidence for this he cited that the three largest SBC churches have women serving with titles of pastor and many women filled Southern Baptist pulpits on Mother’s Day preaching sermons.

McKissic tweeted, “3 largest SBC churches have women pastors. Many women preached in SBC churches yesterday. How can Mohler argue it’s clear in the BFM2K that his interpretation of the BFM2K is clear that a woman can’t preach or serve as a staff pastor in autonomous Baptist Churches?”

Get that?

The fact that people disagree means that the text is unclear.

This is nonsense.

It is the same type of faulty reasoning one gets from cultural relativists—who argue that because there are different cultures with different moral values, therefore, no culture’s morality is true. The conclusion does not follow.

It is the same in this case—McKissic claims that because people disagree about the text that it is not in fact clear.

That might be true.

Or, it might not be true.

The fact that people disagree over a text does not make that text necessarily unclear. Sometimes, people disagree and the disagreement is not based on any rational grounding.

The claim must be validated based on a review of the Baptist Faith and Message and the overwhelming history of Southern Baptist practice—both of which stand against women preachers.

Also, note the old Conservative Resurgence Era moderate trick–the appeal to the autonomy of the local Baptist church on this matter. It didn’t work then. Will it work now?

Of course, the Leftists at SBC Voices declared there is no problem in the SBC. Everyone is complementarian. Nothing to see here. Move along.

However, there is nothing complementarian when women are preaching in Southern Baptist pulpits. There is nothing complementarian when women are ordained by Southern Baptist churches.

There may be good reasons to promote egalitarian theology; however, call yourself an egalitarian instead of trying to deceive people into thinking you are complementarian. What Christians need today is clarity.

And what Southern Baptists are hearing are mixed messages. As we pointed out, Adam Greenway recently defended women preaching and has reversed course. That was a fast reversal too. The wind shifted direction.

Proving that the role of women in the ministry is the latest Social Justice Warrior cause, Kyle J. Howard entered the fray. He tweeted, “Don’t tell me you’re in ministry for God’s Kingdom if you can’t delight in the fact that God’s daughters proclaim His word. We can debate the office of pastor, but if you try to claim women can’t preach; you are in ministry for your Kingdom & not God’s. Your Kingdom is abt power.”

Notice how it always returns to power?

That’s the Social Justice Warrior’s go-to maneuver.

However, it won’t work this time.

Unless the Woke Totalitarians re-write the Bible, Southern Baptists know where they stand on the issue of women preachers.