Lecrae celebrated pro-abortion politicians in Georgia Senate race. He now slanders the Christians at Southern Baptist seminaries.

No amount of kowtowing to the secular zeitgeist will save Christians from attacks. Case in point: Christian singer Lecrae compared the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) to Egyptians enslaving the Children of Israel. Oh, and well, he compared race baiter Kyle J. Howard to Moses. Here’s the tweet:


“Congrats and consider yourself Moses being schooled by the Egyptians so you can help with the Exodus,” Lecrae said of Kyle J. Howard’s graduation from SBTS with a Master of Theology.

Of course, Lecrae’s comments did not come in a vacuum. He was responding to Howard’s assertion that even the sight of the SBC’s flagship seminary is traumatic.

Howard tweeted, “I graduate with my Masters in Theology today. I won’t be there to walk down the aisle to get my diploma, because even the sight of my seminary’s campus (@SBTS) is trauma triggering to me, and my wife. Seminary was a dehumanizing & traumatic experience for me, for my family.”

What made SBTS such a bad experience for Howard? Is it not home to racial reconciliation promoters Matt “I’m a racist” Hall and Jarvis Williams?

Have not both slandered in similar terms to Howard the average white evangelical Christian? Have they not claimed white supremacy is the basis of much of our Southern Baptist history?

There is little difference between the rhetoric of Howard and the rhetoric of SBTS Provost Matt Hall and Professor Jarvis Williams.

Yet, it was not good enough. SBTS still triggers Howard.

You can never please Leftists. They will always demand more and more.

Lecrae’s slide into apostasy was made clear when he campaigned for pro-abortion fanatics Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Lecrae was featured at a campaign concert to “Get out the Vote” for these godless candidates.

Such a political stand is evil. No Christian can support a pro-abortion candidate. Any Christian who does so, has self-excommunicated himself. Any Christian who supports pro-abortion candidates should be placed under church discipline.

Contrast how Lecrae feels about pro-abortion Democrats with his words about Southern Baptists. He compares Christians in the SBC and particularly at SBTS to the wicked pagans of ancient Egypt who enslaved the Children of Israel.

Also, ponder the role of SBTS in all of this.

We have repeatedly pointed to Al Mohler as the proximate cause of the spread of Wokeness in the Southern Baptist Convention. See map.

Mohler Southern Baptist Convention

Mohler platformed and promoted the worst of the worst spreaders of the Woke Virus.

And what does he have to show for it?

His seminary is smeared by Leftists.

His former cronies are running a Woke extremist against him (clearly Ed Litton is the Woke and the NAMB candidate in the SBC Presidential race).

So, Mr. Speaker Harley, err, I mean Al Mohler, I implore you both for your own benefit and for the sake of the Protestant religion, to be reconciled with true conservatives. Admit your errors. Repudiate by name those destroying the SBC and America. All will be forgiven. Yea, even greater honors will be yours if you will but admit the mistakes of the past and join the fight to save the future of our faith and our nation.