Conservative Christian, former university president Dr. Everett Piper has post blocked by Facebook.

Facebook blocked a post by Dr. Everett Piper, author of Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth and the new book Grow Up!: Life Isn’t Safe, but It’s Good over a post comparing contemporary attempts to make people feel safe to one historical example—and apparently, that triggered the censors at Facebook.

Dr. Everett Piper announced that Facebook blocked his post on Twitter. He said, So Facebook has blocked me for the post below.  Apparently, it is now “against their community standards” to point out that today’s despots are using the same tactics as yesterday’s despots. Ya think this just strikes too close to home for Facebook?”

Dr. Piper writes a column for the Washington Times. He also served as president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. He is a noted conservative critic of how contemporary universities cater to snowflakes instead of fulfilling its mission to educate.

Facebook’s actions against conservatives are the target of criticism by free speech advocates. Recently, Facebook announced it would continue its ban on former President Donald Trump from the social media platform.

The move by Facebook against Dr. Piper drew a strong reaction from Dr. Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries.

He said “Ridiculous. I (along with countless others) am grateful for your forthright truthfulness. Keep pressing on!”

This is important to notice: Dr. Ascol of Founders is a propent of Calvinism and Dr. Piper of the Wesleyan soteriological tradition. A few years ago, this might have hampered cooperation; however, now as secular forces in government and Social Justice heretics in the church attack orthodox Christianity, it is good to see this type of coordination and support among orthodox brethren.

Social media and Big Tech are partnering with Democrats and Woke Totalitarians to crackdown on any conservative speech. This is a significant threat to our Protestant faith and America.