Insane new policy attempts to restrict messengers who are also bloggers; Policy makes SBC Press Office into mind readers.

The Southern Baptist Convention denied Rev. Thomas Littleton press credentials to cover the 2021 Annual Meeting in Nashville. Littleton covered the 2018 and 2019 Annual Meetings; however, the SBC decided that it would not allow Littleton to cover this year’s event. Littleton provides the details and background on his website.

According to the SBC credential policy, “Press accreditation will NOT be granted to anyone whose principal purpose in attending this event is, in the judgment of SBC Executive Committee Communications staff, for reasons other than gathering details, interviews, and/or photos for a news report or feature. The SBC Executive Committee Communications staff also reserves the right, at its discretion, to reject the application of anyone who, in their judgement, may be attending the event under false pretenses or with ulterior motives or malicious intent.”

It looks like the SBC Communications staff are mind readers and know motives and intent. How bureaucratic!

The rejection email is interesting. The SBC writes:

“Hi Rev. Littleton,

“Thank you so much for your application. I appreciate you taking the time to send over additional information.

“We are not going to be able to approve your application for media credentials for the 2021 SBC Annual Meeting.

“As you know there are other ways to attend the SBC Annual Meeting, as a messenger or as an invited guest.”

Notice, the rejection letters says Littleton could attend as a messenger or invited guest. However, the SBC Communications staff believe they have powers over messengers and guests too.

According to the policy, “Any messengers, guests, or exhibitors functioning as media are also required to register for media credentials. SBC messengers, guests, or exhibitors who also claim reporter status will be held to the same standards for approval and, if approved, will receive only the same access as other members of the media.”

While SBC bureaucrats obviously can determine how to treat guests and exhibitors, it seems absurd to think they have a right to place any such arbitrary restrictions on the conduct of a messenger. If a messenger wants to post videos to their Instagram, what right do these SBC Elites have to stop them?

Or, is this an arbitrary policy directed at conservative media critics of the Woke takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention?

Further, notice how the SBC bifurcates traditional media from new or in their terminology “non-traditional” media.

According to the SBC bureaucracy, “Bloggers or other citizen journalists must represent established, legitimate, SBC-related or reputable outlets as determined by SBC Executive Committee Communications staff.”


What do the producers of Pravda, err Baptist Press, think is a reputable source? After all, Baptist Press publishes stories from the secular (and expensive AP) and the Woke extremist Religion News Service (RNS). Your Cooperative Program dollars are expended to publish and thereby support the liberal, progressive politics of RNS.

That is what your SBC Elites think is reputable.

This is disgusting.

Someone needs to clean house in Nashville. Will Ronnie Floyd do it? Will the SBC Executive Committee do it?

With the way Littleton was treated, I’m beginning to think I need to request press credentials for this year’s meeting. I wonder if Capstone Report meets the “reputable” standard for these Woke SBC Elites drawing fat paychecks off the tithes and offerings of Southern Baptists like Tom Littleton? If they doubt the reputable nature, perhaps I should show them the Executive Committee report citing the number of scoops CR provided in the last few months.