Criswell College joins SBC sprint Left. Embraces Standpoint Epistemology & praises woman ‘Preaching’ to College.

ALERT: Southern Baptists in Texas, your tithes are supporting Progressive views at Criswell College.

Conservative institutions are being taken over by radicals. Criswell College is the latest to fall victim as Dr. Barry Creamer, president of the college, appears to welcome women “Preaching,” and increasing “diverse perspectives” on campus. And he is doing it with the typical Woke power grab by enforcing the SBC’s 11th Commandment.

Criswell College is committed to strengthening diverse perspectives on our campus–including those provided by women–and, as always, to scriptural inerrancy. I invited @tdarbymoore and @jackicking to preach in chapel over the last two years both because… they handle the Word so well, so respectfully, and so powerfully, and also because I want the women among our students, staff, and faculty to see in our practices that there is room for their gifts and calling. Being a college rather than a church affords us greater… opportunity to foster discussions on such topics while remaining squarely within the bounds of the BFM2000. In every way, our college has been blessed by these women and so many others. May the Lord increase their influence among all of us.”

What are “diverse perspectives?” That could mean anything. Often, we praise having diverse opinions in a university setting because it allows the best opportunity for reasoned debate. However, notice Dr. Creamer explains how they will strengthen diverse perspectives on campus.

Dr. Creamer modifies the “diverse perspectives” by explaining that it will be strengthened by including the perspectives of Women. This is nothing less than Standpoint Epistemology.

Standpoint epistemology is a radical postmodern view that truth is only accessible to some people based upon some element of their identity, like ethnicity or sexuality or gender identity. It is dangerous. It is relativism. You can read more about it here. It is antithetical to the Christian worldview.

Yet, more and more so-called conservative Southern Baptist colleges and seminaries adopt this view. For example, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) president Daniel Akin endorsed this type of warped view in a video from the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC).

But this is only one part of the story. We can also learn a great deal about how Christian institutions are run these days.

The Southern Baptist Convention’s 11th Commandment in Action

Dr. Creamer’s response was revealing. It was prompted after a Criswell College trustee Rod Martin raised the question of a woman preaching at the seminary. The Christian Post provided the details.

According to the CP, Jacki C. King, wife of Ed Litton supporting Pastor Josh King, has a ministry that includes “preaching.” Pastor King “shared a screenshot of his wife’s ministry as a Bible teacher and keynote speaker, noting that she delivers: ‘Solid. Biblical. Preaching.’”

Women preaching is a serious violation of the Bible, according to 2,000-years of church history and what Southern Baptists believe to be the clear Apostolic commands revealed in the Bible. However, reflecting the contemporary culture, there is a strong push to legitimize women teaching men.

Naturally, this generates some pushback by conservatives like Rod Martin.

And of course, Criswell College responded like any Woke organization is wont to do. It attacked the messenger. There is no greater sin in the SBC than a violation of the 11th Commandment—thou shalt not speak ill or make uncomfortable any member of SBC Elite.

Diversity of Opinion Not Welcome at Criswell College—that is if the Opinion is Conservative

Creamer then autocratically removed Rod Martin from the list of the college’s board of trustees. This was done prior to any conversation with or resignation by Martin. Martin was then contacted by a member of the board asking for his resignation. The Baptist Blogger released the letter and it is worth reading.

Martin sent a scathing multi-page resignation letter pointing out a previous issue with Dr. Creamer and the theological problems of Criswell College having a woman preach to preachers.

Is this the SBC Elite response to anyone associated with the Conservative Baptist Network?

We reported this weekend how SBC President J.D. Greear’s handpicked Committee on Nominations insulted evangelist Dr. Tom Tucker by refusing to nominate Dr. Tucker for a second full term on the Executive Committee. This is a huge violation of SBC precedent.

However, it illustrates something—what Dr. James Lindsay of New Discourses calls the Iron Law of Woke Projection. The Woke always accuse other people of doing what they are doing. For months, the Woke Southern Baptists accused the Conservative Baptist Network of attempting some type of political power play; however, it was actually the Woke all along guilty of political gamesmanship. This is how liberals always act.

Conclusion: Criswell College and Dr. Barry Creamer Stink

Many years ago, W.A. Criswell, the pastor for whom the Criswell College is named, addressed the Southern Baptist Convention and spoke of the Curse of Liberalism. He began his address, “May I speak on The Curse of Liberalism?  Because of the opprobrious epithet ‘liberal,’ today they call themselves ‘moderates.’  A skunk by any other name still stinks!

Sniff. Sniff.

Criswell College, you stink!

Criswell College and Dr. Barry Creamer, you have embraced the Woke heresy. You have rejected the plain teaching of the Bible while still hiding behind the weasel words of “affirming inerrancy.” How can you affirm inerrancy and have women preach to men?

No. You stink. The stench of your liberalism is unmistakable.

Criswell College is supported by Cooperative Program giving through the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas. What do you conservative Southern Baptists in Texas think? Are you fine with women preachers? Are you fine with autocratic SBC Elites like Dr. Barry Creamer violating the spirit of trustee oversight?

If not, you should let the state convention know—and you might want to make the statement clear by attaching $$$$ (dollar signs) to whatever you tell them. It seems money is the only language SBC Elites understand these days.

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  1. Every day the Southern Baptist Convention looks more and more like a lost cause to me. Bring on the Conservative Baptist Convention. Abandon the SBC to the stinkers and let them stink the stinkiest stink they can stink.

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