A conservative activist alleges he placed five signs around the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) yesterday. All five were disappeared, he claims.

Signs proclaiming AИALYTICAL T☭☭LS in a Soviet-era motif were placed around SEBTS Wednesday, April 22, 2021, according to a conservative activist; however, the signs are now missing. The conservative activist who placed them said five signs were placed around the campus on public rights-of-way including one across from the residence of SEBTS President Daniel Akin—in sight of Dr. Akin’s driveway.

“I checked back in (last night),” the conservative activist said. “They’re all gone. One wouldn’t typically suspect property rights or the rule of law to mean much when the narrative is on the line.”

Here is an image of one of the signs placed near SEBTS.

Sign mocking Analytical Tools at SEBTS
Sign mocking Analytical Tools at SEBTS

The conservative activist insists, “All signs placed on the grassy strip between street and sidewalk on public roads.”

He provided a map of the sign placement to show where the signs were placed around campus on public streets.

The activist asked on Twitter, if anyone at SEBTS knew the location of the missing signs.

They tweeted, “Did anyone see any large red anti-communist signs in the Lost and Found? Maybe @SEBTS or @CollegeSE knows something.”

The conservative activist plans more signs in the future. However, first, the activist wants SEBTS and it students and faculty to honor the 8th Commandment.

“I’m emailing the presidents of the seminary and college to request that they publicly affirm the 8th commandment and ask their people not to steal my stuff,” the conservative activist said.

In addition to placing more signs protesting the promotion of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, the activist has other signage plans.

“Next sign: Coming Soon! Future site of: The JD Greear Center for Pronoun Hospitality.”

Things are getting interesting at SEBTS.

The conservative activist said his work with the signs was to provoke a conversation at SEBTS about the appropriateness of the “Analytical Tools” of Racial Identity Politics. Also, the activist wanted to tell conservative students that they are not alone. That others share their concerns.

So, will this inspire more copycats? Will conservatives take similar steps at this and other SBC entities?

Also, who do you think removed the signs? And why?

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