Sign mocking Analytical Tools at SEBTS

Will SEBTS tolerate the conservative signs on public rights-of-way or will they remove the signs?

A conservative Southern Baptist at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) placed several signs protesting the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality by Southern Baptist institutions like SEBTS. The signs placed on public rights-of-way read ANALYTICAL TOOLS stylized with a Soviet letter resembling N (a Cyrillic И ) and the hammer and sickle for both Os in tools.

A Twitter user took credit for the conservative protest against Racial Identity Politics. He said he placed “several” signs around campus. In a tweet he said, “A campaign sign is the language of the unheard.”

The signs were specifically targeted at SEBTS in order to “force a discussion internally on campus.” The conservative activist wanted to send a message to the few remaining conservative students at SEBTS. The activist wanted anyone doubting the Leftist narrative to know that they “aren’t alone.”

Pressure Gage tweeted, “I wonder how long it will take @SEBTS @CollegeSE to remove political expression in a public right of way. They love illegal and violent protests. Will they allow a lawful one? I know the college and the seminary are two of the most heavy-handed SJW institutions available, but if the signs are still there, blink once. If they’re gone, blink twice.”

Again, the conservative asked an important question, “Did @SEBTS and @CollegeSE respect the 8th commandment or not?”

This conservative activist did not stop with a message against the use of Analytical Tools of Racial Identity Politics at SEBTS. He had pointed words for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) President Al Mohler too. Mohler is also a candidate in the 2021 SBC Presidential race.

He tweeted, “In the end, the @albertmohler legacy will be called The Liberal Resurgence.”

So, now that conservatives are speaking out against the tyranny of Critical Race Theory and no longer willing to Live By Lies, what will SEBTS and its administration do? Will it tear down the signs?

Will this spark a real conversation? Or, will it spark a crackdown on conservatives at SEBTS and other Southern Baptist institutions?

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