In a statement by North American Mission Board (NAMB) chairman Danny DeArmas, NAMB admits it works with church planters who fail to grasp basic doctrines like women cannot be pastors.  

The statement published by CR:V said, “The use of such titles and roles can be confusing to the constituencies with whom we partner and who fund our work.” 


What is confusing about the Apostle’s explicit instructions that women cannot be pastors? (I Tim. 2:12) 

What is confusing that this is the clear example of the church since the New Testament era?  

Also, how is this confusing for the people who fund NAMB’s work?

Does someone fund NAMB other than the SBC? We must ask this question now because the SBC seems rather clear on women pastors.

I’m not an expert, but isn’t the Baptist Faith & Message clear? Women pastors are prohibited.  

According to the BF&M 2000, “While both men and women are gifted for service in the church, the office of pastor is limited to men as qualified by Scripture.” 

Also, the NAMB statement raises questions about trustee honesty. For example, “If an occasion occurred in which a church planter insisted on maintaining a woman in a pastor role or title on staff, NAMB will remove its endorsement and funding.” 

Then why did NAMB fund for years a church that has a woman teaching pastor and utilize that church as a training resource?  

A NAMB church planting strategist praised the church as on the cutting edge of culture.  

Also, NAMB featured the church in its magazine.

Which proves that NAMB and the trustees are either lying or incompetent.  

Or both.  

Judging by the lame statement—both seems likely here.  

For example, NAMB said, “Rather than publicly shame pastors, we find it better to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ and lovingly work with them as we pursue together our Great Commission ministry.” 

How is it shaming pastors to point out public errors promoted not only by their church in public but by the PR work of NAMB?  

When did pointing out error become shaming? Aren’t we committed to truth?

If something is said in public and promoted in public by our entities, then pointing out the error in pubic is not shaming. In fact, this is the type of dangerous thinking that will destroy the SBC. It is how the SBC Elites protect one another, avoid accountability and enforce the 11th Commandment.

The SBC is sick. It needs truth. But SBC Elites like Danny De Armas are too busy protecting Kevin Ezell and funding church plants who would fail a basic test of doctrine.

This is what happens when NAMB eliminates involvement of the local and state associations.

Also, did NAMB only find six churches with women pastors? That is interesting. How convenient for NAMB that only the six churches exposed by bloggers were the only church plants violating Baptist beliefs? I wonder what a full analysis of those NAMB church plants—remember, church planters that NAMB admitted have no clue about basic doctrine—by an independent review would find?

If NAMB has nothing to fear, it should volunteer to have a forensic audit conducted.

They won’t. And that speaks volumes about what is really going on at NAMB.

Sad times. This is yet another reason to vote for an actual conservative in Nashville. And this is a good time to remind you that Kevin Ezell was Al Mohler’s pastor.

2 thoughts on “NAMB admits its church planters fail to understand basic doctrines”

  1. “The use of such titles and roles can be confusing to the constituencies with whom we partner and who fund our work.”
    So NAMB’s work is to plant liberal, unbiblical churches? Good to know that Baptists don’t fund that. It’d be nice to know who does. I bet I can guess. It’s funded by foundations, that are in turn funded by progressive democrat billionaires, like the one who starts with an S and rhymes with sore ose. The Episcopalians used to get money from his organizations, they still might. But there are plenty of others. For all we know they could include Steyer, Gates, Zuckerberg, Clinton Foundation, anonymous overseas people, who knows who else. Maybe they get money from Saudi Arabia- the same group that’s paying to build all the mosques. Such titles and roles might indeed be confusing to them. And you can bet they are getting plenty enough to send all their female pastors, deacons, and elders to vote at the convention. Twice. Or more.

    The leaders at NAMB and all the SBC know exactly what they’re doing- destroying the Baptist church from the inside. That’s the goal. That’s why they work there. Just like every denomination invaded and taken down before us. If the forces of light can’t save the SBC this year, then can it ever be saved? Is is going to get better in the future? With a bunch of CRT woke racists and/or female pastors running it? Have the Piskies, Presbies, and Methodists gotten any better after they died off? And how do their leaders still manage to be one percenters?

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