ACSI partnership with Woke SEBTS Professor Walter Strickland prompts concerns.

How long until a resource promoting diversity becomes a requirement?

With the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) promoting diversity and multiculturalism to its member Christian schools, the Woke virus is set to spread from seminaries and colleges into Christian K-12 schools. And, it won’t even spare homeschoolers. As we reported earlier, the ACSI partnered with UnifiED to provide diversity, inclusion, racial reconciliation and multiculturalism training to Christian schools. What is important to note is the widespread reach of ACSI. Not only does ACIS serve the accreditation function for day schools and hybrid schools, but it produces homeschool curricula.

The curricula from ACSI can be found at major booksellers and on the ACSI webstore.

How long until the Woke resources promoting dangerous men who secretly teach ideas like James Cone’s Liberation Theology and multiculturalism filter into the worldview of the textbook writers?

What is the purpose of the homeschool? Isn’t it to get away from such dangerous worldview concepts that run rampant in public schools?

Are homeschools even safe now? Will other curricula providers succumb to Woke pressure? We’ve all watched before as one domino topples from the pressure of another.

And this entire situation prompts other questions.

What is the mission of a Christian school? It should be to create good Christians and good citizens (after all, being a good citizen is the explicit command of both Peter and Paul in the New Testament.)

However, promoting multiculturalism, which includes promoting cultural relativism (as the assumption of multiculturalism as shown by scholars like Samuel P. Huntington is cultural relativism), is incompatible with both goals. A Christian cannot be a cultural relativist.

Also, Multiculturalism undermines the national cohesion of the USA by encouraging identity politics including the dangerous forms of racial identity politics.

It is worth repeating: How long until a resource becomes a requirement? Since ACSI serves as an accreditor and many Christian day schools and hybrid schools utilize ACSI to comply with state laws like Tennessee Code 49-50-801, it is reasonable to ask if Christian school accreditors will soon sound like secular accreditation agencies?

Will diversity training become mandatory as part of the accreditation process? We all know how this game played out in the secular world. We are watching it happen now at religious colleges. And now accreditors too?

While UnifiED claims to be biblically based, we must ask how anyone who promotes heretic James Cone can be biblically based. Do you want your kids taught heretical Liberation Theology by someone who deceptively teaches it and bragged about such deceptive tactics to the New York Times?

The move by ACSI is a threat to traditional Christian K-12 and even homeschools as these “resources” begin to shape the worldview of unaware consumers.

This is a bad move for Christian education.