The Southern Baptist Convention needs leadership as it faces attack

The Southern Baptist Convention is under assault unlike any time in its history. The future of the denomination is at stake. Critical Race Theory has infiltrated and divided our people. Two SBC entities deceived a federal appeals court about the nature of SBC polity. While one entity was rebuked for its falsehoods, another entity is taking its dangerous arguments to the Supreme Court. Will anyone stand against the dangerous trends?  

It is clear the trustees of our entities will not act.

The trustees were silent when Dr. Bobby Lopez sounded the alarm. The trustees were silent when Dr. Russell Fuller sounded the alarm. The trustees were silent when Dr. Tom Rush sounded the alarm.

Of course, silence is not the worst part. Both the North American Mission Board (NAMB) trustees and the LifeWay trustees are active enablers.

LifeWay was the scene of trustee Jimmy Scroggins who obviously violated the SBC by-laws by receiving a benefit from LifeWay (book publishing deal) while a trustee—this would automatically disqualify him from the trustee board; however, he remained a trustee and then proceeded to give his friend, the failed former LifeWay CEO a $1 million sweetheart severance package.

Oh, and Scroggins did not bother to tell the other trustees about the severance package.

That sounds ethical.


As for NAMB, the trustees released a statement saying they approve of and instigated much of the nonsense happening at NAMB under Kevin Ezell. No word on if the trustees or Ezell were responsible for all those church plants with women pastors. No word on if the trustees or Ezell were responsible for using the church with a woman pastor for NAMB trainings. No word on if the trustees or Ezell are responsible for the false claim that NAMB has “rights” or powers over state conventions. No word on if the trustees or Ezell were responsible for the Beer And Bible hashtag.

Think about it for a moment, the NAMB claim that it has rights or privileges over a state Convention would mean a fundamental shift in SBC life. Consider if NAMB has powers and privileges over not just the little non-Southern states but the big ones like Georgia or Tennessee or Louisiana.

Such a claim is a big deal. Yet, so far, not NAMB trustees, not the Executive Committee, not anyone in SBC leadership has publicly repudiated NAMB’s lie.

Will someone do it?

Will someone stand up to the lies and save the SBC from danger?

If not the trustees, and if not the Executive Committee, then who? Will it fall to the state conventions? Or, will it only be voices crying out from the SBC wilderness?

It will not be an insider like Al Mohler. Mohler (as the map shows) enabled and is connected to all the entity leaders. Kevin Ezell was his pastor! He know Russell Moore’s heart! He hired, promoted and retained Matt Hall!

And do we even have time to await a new SBC President?

The clock is ticking.

The time for action to save the SBC is dwindling.

Who will act?

Who will act now?

Mohler Southern Baptist Convention

4 thoughts on “Who will protect the SBC?”

  1. The forces that infiltrated every church, from the Catholics to the Lutherans, from the Congregationalists to the Presbyterians, from the Methodists now to the Baptists, have never failed in their schemes. They have a 100% success rate of destroying every American denomination that they go after. The Baptists to their credit fought them off the first time. Their only unsuccessful attempt so far. But they’re not finished with the effort. The tactic is the same every time – infiltrate into the leadership positions where you control money and personnel appointments, and destroy each ecclesial body from within with constant claims in every way on every possible topic that the world is better than the church. Jesus would agree they claim. The church, for its own good, needs to get in line with the world, they preach. Constantly. They don’t let up. They deflect all challenges with cries for unity, or they simply ignore it once they are the denominational power structure. Or the newest tactic: group identity shaming. They are putting that tool in their toolbox to good use. Then they are free to express how they really feel about the pew sitters- contemptuous, disdainful, like most secularists feel about the church.

    Not enough people seem to see the especially egregious spiritual claim ‘progressive Christians’ make. They actively promote the idea that Jesus was and is the most sinful of all sinners. If they want everyone to be accepting of gays, they claim Jesus would be the MOST accepting of gays. Jesus would go to gay weddings, bless them, march in rights parades, etc. They say Christians should overlook the sinfulness of abortions because Jesus would be the person MOST willing to forgive and forget sins of murder for money, sex, and convenience. We should promote socialism because Jesus was the MOST socialist of all religious leaders. Erase national borders because Jesus would be the MOST in favor of lawless immigration. They sell the church a Jesus that is the most immoral of all immorals, the most amoral of all amorals, the most lawless of all the lawless, the most secular of all secularists, the most humanist of all humanists, the most communist of all communists, and the most sin-loving of all sinners. They jettison atonement and teach that Jesus didn’t die to redeem sinners from sin; he died for being one of us.

    I can imagine Jesus may have mercy on this because for now, liberal Christians still hold up an image of Jesus Christ, however flawed, as what they preach as the image of the highest good. But the push for ecumenism with other world religions is kicking into high gear in some areas. I believe it may only be a matter of time before progressive churches routinely preach that Jesus is one way, but not the only way to God, not God himself, not sinless, not different than say, Buddha. Some already preach these things. When they abandon Jesus altogether as the highest good, when Jesus is just another past figure, moral ‘for his time,’ and declare themselves ‘post Christian’ then there will truly be no redemptive value in liberal churches.

    I don’t know if the Baptists can fight them off a second time. It seems like it’s going to be close. But Baptists have possibly become as biblically illiterate as we claim everyone else is. A worrisome number of Baptists don’t see the problem with secular, worldly Jesus. They like him better. Jesus himself left us with an intriguing question about our future: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

  2. We can preach about sin; but the Holy Spirit convicts of sin and leads us into change, if we decide to. I really don’t see how any religious person can make sin go away or redefine it, in any meaningful way. THe Bible is taught, yes-but sin is between a person and God, as He works.

  3. We can preach about sin; but the Holy Spirit convicts of sin and leads us into change, if we decide to. I really don’t see how any religious person can make sin go away or redefine it, in any meaningful way. The Bible is taught, yes-but sin is between a person and God, as He works to make us like Christ.

  4. The real question is why a website claiming to report on Alabama football has any right to comment on these matters with any amount of accuracy or trustworthiness. The anonymous reporting at the so-called “Capstone Report” is telling that someone is immaturely dealing with disagreements by stringing together incredulous arguments that are no more than spurious and a grasping at the wind. Good for you, “Capstone Report.”

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