JD Greear attacks conservatives in speech to SBC Executive Committee

J.D. Greear compares today’s conservatives to Pharisees, and says SBC churches more welcoming to Neo-Confederates & closet racists than people of color.

This is what your Southern Baptist Convention President thinks of you. Will you show up in Nashville to vote?

NASHSVILLE—Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear blasted conservative critics in a speech to the SBC Executive Committee Monday evening in Nashville. Greear’s attack on critics compared conservatives to Pharisees and terrorists.

Greear said, “Every moment that you or me or Dr. Floyd engages in a silly argument or spends time debunking untruths is a moment I’m not focused on the Great Commission. I think we need an attitude like President George W. Bush called for in 2001: We make no distinction between those committing terrorism and those who harbor terrorists.” (You can watch video here.)

Greear said that not long after he became president of the convention that “character assassination” began as he suffered criticism from conservatives over what is perceived as a leftward drift on a range of issues including homosexuality (of which Greear said the Bible only whispers about sexual sins) and the status of state conventions.

Greear complained about criticism directed at SBC leaders including some “entity heads.” Greear said the division in the SBC comes from misinformation originating from a “vocal minority.” He said much of the criticism was false and “demonic” in origin.

“I am mainly grieved for many of our entity leaders and some of you who have been slandered and lied about,” Greear said. “It was not what I expected us to be spending our time on.”

This prompts one to pause and ask, “Which entity heads was Greear defending?” Russell Moore who filed a false legal brief? Or, NAMB chief Kevin Ezell who has berated and insulted state convention leaders? Also, does Greear consider those criticisms (based in unimpeachable fact) fair or are they demonic too?

Greear claimed to seek to unify Southern Baptists and then proceeded to compare other Southern Baptists to racists and Neo-confederates.

“We should mourn when closet racists and neo-Confederates feel more at home in our churches than do many of our people of color,” Greear said.

Greear said that not all Southern Baptist churches harbor racists; however, he said he knows there are some churches that do.

Greear said, “I have received the emails and phone calls from people in our Southern Baptist churches who do fit that description. The reality is that if we in the SBC had shown as much sorrow for the painful legacy that racism and discrimination has left in our country as we have passion to decry Critical Race Theory, we probably wouldn’t be in this mess.”

The reaction to Greear’s speech called out Greear’s allegations regarding churches welcoming racists.

If half of what @jdgreear said during his address is true, then why would any Bible believing, NT church stay in cooperation in the SBC? Reasons @fellowshipswfl remains SBC: We remain SBC because we do NOT believe our churches are filled with closet racists & neo-confederates. We remain SBC because we believe any perversion of the gospel & scripture will be stamped out. We remain SBC because groups like @BaptistNetwork & others create community w/in the SBC.”

So, this is what Southern Baptist Elites think of you conservatives. You are either racist, Neo-Confederates, Pharisees, terrorists or demonic.

Perhaps you should make up your mind to get to Nashville and vote for a real conservative candidate in the race.

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  1. Praise the Lord that after years of the SBC turning away from the gospel of Christ and to Christian Nationalism, Greear as head of the SBC is speaking the truth. The Lord is finally answering my prayer to dispel the darkness that has engulfed most of Evangelicalism.

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