Tom Buck: Kevin Ezell has known about Echo Church for 3 years.

Southern Baptist Pastor Tom Buck revealed that the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention is hiding its use of SBC money to plant churches that violate the doctrines of the Baptist Faith & Message 2000.

According to Dr. Buck, “For years, @NAMB_SBC has used money from our SBC churches to fund plants that completely violate the BF&M they claim to uphold. They’ve known it and ignored it. Now they’re scrubbing their website of these churches that they partnered with for YEARS and tell us it never happened!”

There is even more in this important Twitter thread.

Buck said, “@NAMB_SBC says they have “always and will always only endorse Biblically qualified men as pastors.” Yet they’ve funded churches and have churches who train them that have women serving as pastors. We need transparency & truth, not press releases.”

Buck pointed out that NAMB had to know about the problems of women pastors in SBC church plants, the use of these same churches to train other church planters and that Kevin Ezell had direct knowledge of women pastors at one SBC church.

Buck said, “But if NAMB emphasizes a commitment to BF&M in its ‘planter assessment, orientation, training and teaching,’ then why was Echo Church a model at those assessments. Does NAMB have their trainers say, ‘Do as we say, but not as we do?’”

And Buck even calls out Kevin Ezell and NAMB for misleading statements about the violations of the Baptist Faith & Message.

He tweeted, “This was a statement from @johnmarkclifton today given to @cuatronelson about @NAMB_SBC planting churches w/ women pastors. He says they ‘address these situations AS THEY COME TO OUR ATTENTION.’ Something isn’t right. @kevezell has known for 3 years about Echo.”

And Buck highlights the disappearance of Echo Church from the NAMB website but the failure of NAMB to make clear statements about

“I & other pastors wrote @NAMB_SBC about this church with women pastors that they partner with to plant SBC churches. Now Echo church has been scrubbed from NAMB website. But @kevezell knew they had women pastors and didn’t act one bit concerned! It’s time for transparency!”

Yes. It is time for transparency.

And just a reminder about the link between one SBC Presidential candidate and all the problems in the SBC like Russell Moore and Kevin Ezell.

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