Dr. Russell Fuller nominates Randy Adams for SBC President 2021.

Randy Adams pledges reform agenda to address issues of ‘accountability, self-dealing, top-down centralized strategies and broken partnerships.’

Conservative Randy Adams joined the race for President of the Southern Baptist Convention Wednesday. Adams said the SBC needs serious reform and pledged to crush corruption in the SBC.

“Southern Baptists don’t merely need a cheerleader for the SBC. We need to reform the system, crush corruption, and rebuild trust in our cooperative missionary endeavor. That is what I will strive to do,” Adams said.

Dr. Russell Fuller announced his intent to nominate Randy Adams.

Dr. Fuller said, “As one who has worked within an SBC agency, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, I can attest to the many ways the SBC has lost its way. While our churches and missionaries accomplish great things each year, our entities utilize secret financial arrangements, force Non-disclosure or non-disparagement agreements on employees past and present, lie to federal courts, circumventing the cooperation of state conventions, and teach theological departures from the truth of the gospel. Southern Baptists must rise to the challenges of reform as they did a generation ago and the current crisis of trust in the SBC must be addressed through the transparency, accountability and cooperation.”

Adams highlighted the corruption in the SBC in three specific stories: the LifeWay Christian Resources scandal, questionable NAMB loans and gifts along with the recent lies told by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

“What has become even more obvious in the last year is the organized corruption and the lack of transparency and accountability in some of our SBC entities,” Adams said. “Who could have guessed that the leader of a Southern Baptist entity, Lifeway Christian Resources, would be paid a million dollars going out the door to do another ministry he started while serving as the Lifeway President? In October 2020 it was revealed that a single trustee approved that payment, without informing any other trustee, including the compensation committee of the trustees. Furthermore, the trustee who approved the million-dollar gift had three book contracts with Lifeway which disqualified him from serving as a trustee per SBC bylaws, and yet he remains a trustee to this very day. It makes you wonder if there are other sweetheart deals that have not been exposed.”

On the issue of the ERLC, Adams used tough words about the danger posed to the SBC by Russell Moore and his run amok ERLC.

“Perhaps the most dangerous revelation in recent months is that the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) joined NAMB in arguing to the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that the SBC is a hierarchy, with the SBC in the superior position over all Southern Baptist churches, conventions and associations,” Adams said. “This puts Southern Baptists at great risk because the ERLC/NAMB argument is contrary to the SBC Bylaws that no hierarchy exists in the SBC, and that every church, convention, and association is autonomous.”

Adams asked those who seek reform to join him in Nashville.

“I will do it as one who loves the SBC, believes in Southern Baptists, and values every church and partner in the SBC. I believe in our conservative, biblical theology. I believe in the cooperative mission approach that made us a great missionary force in North America and to the world beyond.  Please join me on the path to reforming the SBC. Join me in Nashville and vote for reform.”

Adams was to be nominated at the canceled 2020 Annual Meeting. After some thought, Adams accepted the nomination of Dr. Russell Fuller to stand on a platform of reform.

“In January 2020 I was announced as a candidate to serve as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Although the 2020 Annual Meeting was cancelled, the rationale for my candidacy a year ago has only strengthened,” Adams said in a statement following Dr. Fuller’s nomination. “The SBC is in CRISIS.  We inherited a cooperative mission system where every church mattered and could contribute to sharing the gospel around the world. We are now destroying much of our mission capacity through failures in accountability, self-dealing, top-down centralized strategies, and broken partnerships.”

Adams, the executive director of the Northwest Baptist Convention, pledged to work for transparency and accountability as SBC entities are run amok. Adams is one of the many state convention leaders who was upset at problems at NAMB.

Adams said, “I am being nominated to serve as SBC president because I will confront these issues. I will push for transparency and accountability at every opportunity and make great effort to crush corruption. The focus will be on the mission, with the Bible as our sole and final authority on all matters.”

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  1. Pulpits have been silent far too long. Many pastors are so afraid of offending someone, that they will not preach about abortion, same -sex marriage, homosexuality, or the transgender movement. Could it be that they are reluctant to speak words that might offend and thus cause less money coming into the church?

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