Lifelong Southern Baptist on Russell Moore: “This man does not represent me!”

Conservative Southern Baptists were outraged Friday as lifelong Democrat Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) demanded President Donald Trump resign. However, conservative reaction to liberal Russell Moore was uniform—the Democrat must go! There were over 5,700 comments on Todd Starnes’ story about the deranged Dr. Moore tweet and most were demanding a leadership change in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Pam Lea Hitt said, “I’m withdrawing any support until he is removed from SBC.”

Mike Dorough, a top fan of Todd Starnes, said, “I have BEEN calling on Russell Moore to resign. He does NOT represent the vast majority of southern Baptists.”

Shannon J. Knight said, “The SBC needs new leadership. I believe many on here will agree with me.”

Sharon Leaf said, “Raised a southern Baptist, this man does not represent me. I do not call myself a SB. I’m a born-again Christian. Period.”

David Zimlin said, “More proof of how the Communist have taken over leadership of our religious groups!”

Anna Lee Polk said, “I am Southern Baptist I call on Russell More to resign. He is a liberal.”

Tami Toccoli Werenka said, “Yep Not surprising you have been bought and paid by the deep state to push their agenda.”

Ida Sue Cumbie said, “It’s been a sad day for the Southern Baptist Convention/Organization for many years now!! And this is simply one display of their error.”

Mark Rector said, “It is not the convention that I grew up in anymore! They are falling lockstep with the fake Christian groups like Presbytery USA and leaning ultra left.”

Earl Winter said, “It is Russell Moore who should resign from the Southern Baptist Convention.”

Tony Pierce said, “Moore has needed to resign for a long time. His silence when progressives encouraged the riots and destruction of our cities, only shows his hypocrisy. The SBC needs to remove him…he does not speak for the SBC…he speaks for Russell Moore.”

Paul Wilcoxen said, “He does not speak for all Southern Baptists, especially this one.”

And the comments go on and on by the thousands like this.

SBC Insiders take note: The people in the pews are mad. Push them further and their money will find actual conservative ministries to support.

If Russell Moore does not resign or is not forced out, then you will experience conservative Christians finding other ministries than their local church to support. Our tithes and offerings must no longer be used to support Democrat campaign propaganda. Russell Moore must go!

5 thoughts on “OUTRAGE: Over 5,000 comments urge Russell Moore to resign!”

  1. I just sent an email to my church asking if they will leave the SBC or support terminating Russell Moore. I have been giving only to the building fund for years, after two other differences with Moore, staying only in the church as a compromise with my wife.

  2. It is a Disgrace that only 5000 christians are wanting to remove this DemonRat Moore !!! The Baptist church leadership put this unGodly person in position !! I won]t give a any money any baptist church now !!! No Excuse and a DISGRACE !!!

  3. 26 staffers on the Russell Moore’s ERLC webpage
    Pick a reason for the greatest outrage related to this:
    A Russell Moore has been given 26 staffers
    C Offering plate money is funding liberal activism
    D All of the above

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