Don’t give a dime to a Southern Baptist Church until this Democrat resigns or is removed from office

Russell Moore is responsible for rise of Critical Race Theory and division in the Southern Baptist Convention

Yes, it is a dog bites man story. A Democrat calls for the resignation of the Republican president. However, since Southern Baptists pay this Democrat’s salary, you should know about it.

Noted, Democrat Russell Moore tweeted, “Mr. President, people are dead. The Capitol is ransacked. There are 12 dangerous days for our country left.  Could you please step down and let our country heal?”

Healing? Please, Russell Moore’s demand will only divide the country further. It will also divide the church.

Of course, that is what Russell Moore wants. He staged the abomination of the MLK50 Conference that trafficked in racial identity politics and the Grievance Gospel.

If you are Southern Baptist, then you pay his salary.

You should stop tithing and giving offerings of any sort until the Southern Baptist Convention fires this Democrat. Find other ministries to support that stand for truth instead of spreading Democrat propaganda.

There is no room in a Church for someone who while employed by Al Mohler—yes, that “conservative” theologian—bragged to people that he was a Democrat.

According to Jack Richardson IV writing in the Courier Journal, “It’s not so surprising that Russell Moore is a ‘Never Trumper,’ as he was always fond of reminding me that he was a Democrat. Of course he could never reconcile how his support for the positions of his party was at such odds with his Christian faith yet he continued supporting what is abjectly opposed to what donors who support his institution pay him to do.

See, Democrats enable baby murder because they support the party platform and elect people like Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House and Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader. Even if they claim they don’t support abortion—they pledge loyalty to the Party and that party platform and leadership are incompatible with Christianity.

What fellowship can a Christian have with such people?

So, any dollar you give to an SBC church goes to pay Russell Moore’s salary. You must demand that your pastor stop this abomination. If he refuses, stop giving anything to your local church since it will be funneled to the Cooperative Program and used to push Democrat political propaganda.

Send a clear message to SBC Elites—there is no room for the SBC to pay for Democratic operatives like Russell Moore or Democrat propaganda spewed by him.


The time for action is now. If the SBC will not change, then find other ministries that will use your dollars for the Gospel instead of helping Democrats.

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