The Woke believe they are awakened to the truth while the masses sleep; therefore, only the Woke feel entitled to lead America and your Evangelical church. And they are making a bid to do just that in a Great Reset.

The latest and most dangerous iteration of Gnosticism is Wokeness. Gnosticism is a belief that an individual or group has attained special knowledge inaccessible to others. Wokeness is the same. In this case, enlightenment is attained based on racial identity politics.

Of course, the most enlightened are always those of the social, culture and political Elite. It does not matter if these Elites possess real knowledge or only science falsely so called. It is now “science” to claim there are unlimited genders and 2+2=5. Failure to recite the new creed of relativism results in one’s exclusion from the Gnostic hierarchy.

Christopher Lasch’s Gnosticism, Ancient and Modern: The Religion of the Future?, written in the 1990s provides a few hints at how this works.

Lasch notes the way hubris infects Elites by summarizing Eric Voeglin’s work, “The ‘essence of modernity,’ according to Voegelin, is to be found in the ‘growth of gnosticism,’ as a result of which self-appointed elites endow themselves with god-like power to redesign the world.[1]

And they have a plan to do just that—redesign our world into a Technocratic Utopia.

The Great Reset

Your Global Elites are involved in their latest scheme to claim god-like powers to redesign the world. The Great Reset pushed by the World Economic Forum—the Davos set—is unfolding apace thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

No job?

No money?

No worry.

New ideas like Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) are here to help. In this nutty departure from reality, economist espouse a new science of money. This new understanding of money means that governments can spend as much as they wish, and central banks can print anything they like without fear of hyperinflation.

Just start that printer and inflate!

The blog Zero Hedge published an article comparing the assumptions of MMT to Marxism. According to ZH post, “She summarized his theory as follows: “’The workers spend what they earn and the capitalists earn what they spend’. Interesting, isn’t it? This is how the original Marxist thinkers defined capitalism.” 

The World Economic Forum intends to exploit the crisis to create “Stakeholder Capitalism.” Or, Socialism with Western Characteristics.

According to the WEF, COVID-19 presents challenges that are also an opportunity, “Left unaddressed, these crises, together with COVID-19, will deepen and leave the world even less sustainable, less equal, and more fragile. Incremental measures and ad hoc fixes will not suffice to prevent this scenario. We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems.” 

And the Pandemic created the perfect setup for the Great Reset. According to the WEF blog post, “Clearly, the will to build a better society does exist. We must use it to secure the Great Reset that we so badly need. That will require stronger and more effective governments, though this does not imply an ideological push for bigger ones. And it will demand private-sector engagement every step of the way.”

Stronger and more effective but not necessarily bigger?


The entire push for a Great Reset is ideological. It is a belief that capitalism is inherently “less equal.” So, it requires big government with wealth transfers, increased regulation and other draconian powers to enforce equality.

And equality requires the elimination of religious and ethnic particularism.

According to Lasch, “Civic culture is dying, our national loyalties now look parochial from a world perspective, and the global circulation of information seems to condemn all forms of ethnic and religious particularism to eventual oblivion. In the global melting pot, particularism can survive, we are told, only if people accept a rigorous separation between politics and culture, politics and religion in particular: witness the horrified reaction to Islamic fundamentalism. The global market has no place for peoples who assert their own traditions in public or claim superiority for those traditions. Ethnic and religious diversity is tolerated, even celebrated, but only as a kind of tourist attraction. Civic life is swallowed up by the market; buying and selling become the only activities we have in common.”[2]

And most cynical of all, to undermine ethnic and religious particularism, Western Elites are fueling the flames of balkanization. The fingerprints of the 1619 Project are all over the riots in American cities. The creator even bragged that some were calling these the 1619 Riots. 

And once havoc is loosed and exhaustion is reached—the Elites will offer their Third Way, soft compromise.

The Gnostic Awokening

With the end of the Cold War, Leftists abandoned the classical Marxist critique of the West based on economic factors to find new class grievances to exploit. It took a generation, but these Critical Theories dominate American higher education.

And that perhaps is the one of the only features of Marxism in both classical and Neo varieties—its ability to find or create and then exploit class grievances. Modern critical scholarship, as shown in the work of Helen Pluckrose, Peter Boghosian and James Lindsay, is limited only by one’s imagination.

One of the most productive fields of grievance creation is in the area of race. As America became less racist in fact and less discriminatory in law, there has been a rise in anti-American racial critiques from the Woke Class.

American history is now a chronicle of America’s sins: real and imagined by the likes of Howard Zinn, etc. This fake, pseudo-history is now the dominant historical narrative taught to American college students. Both Rich Lowry and Ben Shapiro cover this in their recent books.

The purpose of history and social sciences in the modern university is to reduce people to the sum of their group status. Instead of sharing a common human experience, individual experiences are viewed as captive of one’s status. Voddie Baucham argues that all of this amounts to an “Ethnic Gnosticism.”

According to Baucham’s critique of Racial Identity Politics in By What Standard?, “Because of my ethnicity and my position as a minority, I know what oppression is and feels like. I don’t necessarily need evidence for it.”

Ethnic Gnosticism is a concept “rooted in Cultural Marxism” that claims a person’s identity or essence is determined by their group, according to Baucham. He is right.

As I have written elsewhere, this term should be modified a bit. Baucham uses it in a descriptive sense. However, a slight modification allows us to use it an analytical sense. A reverse Resolution 9, if you will, to understand and expose the Woke Tradition’s influence in church and state.

Gnostic Republic: End of the national and rise of the supranational

Cosmopolitans of the modern era share many characteristics of those of the past. Lasch makes an interesting observation about antiquity: “The unsettling effects of these discoveries were magnified, in the Hellenistic phase of ancient civilization, by the collapse of ethnic and tribal cultures under the impact of the imperial organization imposed first by Alexander and later by the Roman conquest of the Mediterranean. The old gods had a decidedly national character; they were too closely tied to particular regions and cultures to retain much credibility, at least among the educated classes, in the cosmopolitan world of late antiquity.”

Notice a parallel to the modern attack on “Christian Nationalism.” That term is used to smear any Christian patriotism or Christian political action of the conservative type. The Gnosis of the modern technocrat is anti-national with a preference to the supranational. It demands suppression of differences while pretending to celebrate them.

Lasch’s essay notes how the imperial system diminished the role of the city-state—“once the center of the world and the object of intense loyalty.”

In some ways, nationalism and supranationalism trod a similar path. With the nation-state eclipsing the local lord, county or regional identity.

Though similar, these yield vastly different results. Nationalism is about the self-determination of a people. Supranationalism is about autocratic rule from Brussels or Vienna or Rome or New York with little regard for local customs or preferences.

Supranational elites hope to diminish American patriotic devotion in their quest to build a supra-Western technocracy. This is accomplished through undermining the foundations of the American Republic. Trust in elections? Gone. The State of California cannot even keep the power running during the hottest part of the summer. America is sliding into a twilight and looking more like a banana republic and less like a superpower.

For today’s Woke technocrats, they claim the only way to save the West and America will be to trust the experts. The European Union being a model where the bureaucrats in Brussels paid little heed to the wishes of the electorate. This same type of insulated bureaucratic tyranny could be seen in the American “Deep State” following the 2016 Election of Donald Trump. Federal employees actively worked to undermine the new administration with fake dossiers in the Russiagate scam.

Donald Trump is not the first Republican to complain about the elitism present in America’s bureaucrats. Henry Kissinger recounted how Richard Nixon had problems with both the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to Kissinger in The White House Years, “Even more than the State Department, Nixon considered the CIA a refuge of Ivy League intellectuals opposed to him.”

And about the bureaucrats at State, Kissinger praised them but warned, “They are intelligent, competent, loyal, and hardworking. But the reverse side of their dedication is the conviction that a lifetime of service and study has given them insights that transcend the untrained and shallow-rooted views of political appointees.”

The experts always think they know best.

Combine this belief with the moral superiority of the Woke, and you have the recipe for the Deep State’s attempted coup. They sincerely believed harming Donald J. Trump was worth destroying the peaceful transition of power. They believed ruining Gen. Michael Flynn’s life was worth it to harm the new administration.

This type of behavior never happened in the past. Even President Lyndon Johnson, when convinced that Richard Nixon’s surrogates harmed his negotiations for peace in Vietnam did not leak to the press those allegations. LBJ was known as a Machiavellian politician, and even he would not attempt to destroy a newly elected administration. Back then, despite all our differences—most everyone in politics thought American was something to love and something worth preserving.

There was a time when everyone was patriotic—Christians were not afraid to wave the flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance and celebrate America. Today, many Evangelical Elites despise America and celebrate the Technocratic Coup because Orange Man Bad!

The Great Christian Silence

The great Puritan stock that composed Oliver Cromwell’s Ironsides Army and protected England’s political system of rights also sent migrants to the Thirteen Colonies. In the Wilderness, they toiled. They built America. In covenant with one another made in the name of God, they constituted their civil body politic. They built the foundation of a strong nation and eventual superpower. For these founders, politics and religion were woven together, inseparable.

The technocrats will have none of that. Lasch explained, “For Gnostics, the separation of religion and politics was absolute and unconditional. Politics meant the rule of the strongest under the sign of Satan.”

This sounds eerily like the political philosophy of many Woke secularists and Woke Evangelicals. The Wokevangelical whispers words to suppress Christian political participation. They will tell you that both parties are evil. They will tell you that you must be pro-life from womb to the tomb or you are not pro-life. Their rhetoric paralyzes. And, of course, that is their goal.

Watch what is unfolding in California. John MacArthur and Grace Community Church along with many others like Godspeak Calvary Chapel are facing state and local demands to stop worship services. And the loudest voices in Evangelicalism demanding religious liberty for Muslims and who helped file court briefs to build a mosque are silent as their Christian brothers are oppressed.


It is the new quietism.

Only, this time the Wokevangelicals are quiet about progressive policies forced down the throats of Christians. These Wokevangelicals are not quiet about attacking conservatives or conservative Christians.

Is it a surprise? George Soros and many wealthy Progressive Leftists spent significant sums of money influencing conservative Christian leaders. Notoriously, Soros influenced the evangelical stance on immigration. Now, the And Campaign lead by Obama’s former Christian outreach leader is working in the 2020 Election to deceive conservative Christians. Combine this with the propaganda published by Baptist Press, and you have a significant effort by Christian Elites to hand America over to the Democratic Party and its army of Woke Technocrats.

When the President of the Southern Baptist Convention declares that it is “Great” if someone votes Democratic, there is something fundamentally wrong. When that same SBC President is confused by police shootings that appear to be justified, there is something rotten.

A counterrevolutionary response

Over the last six months, I’ve repeatedly quoted Hannah Arendt’s observation about stopping revolutionary terrors. According to Arendt, “In theory as in practice, only a counter-movement, a contrerévolution, could stop a revolutionary process which had become a law unto itself.”

The Leftists on our streets are a law unto themselves.

They are burning cities.

They are looting businesses.

They are putting guillotines together.

They are mobbing and assaulting Republicans.

They are killing Donald Trump supporters.

America is under assault from its Elites trained in the best schools and the masses on the street. This is an exceedingly difficult situation for our Republic. It threatens our Democracy. It threatens our way of life.

The only way to stop it is a contrerévolution. Every Repubican and every Christian must take on the mantle of a counterrevolutionary.

This is our time. This is the task God saw fit to grant to our generation. We must do our part. The future of liberty is on our shoulders.

But as we fight to preserve liberty, we cannot forget that the Elites are fighting their own battle–working to create their own Gnostic Technocracy in America. We must remain vigilant to all threats to our rights and liberties.

[1] LASCH, CHRISTOPHER. “Gnosticism, Ancient and Modern: The Religion of the Future?” Salmagundi, no. 96 (1992): 27-42. Accessed August 14, 2020.

[2] Ibid.

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  2. You write as the solution -“The only way to stop it is a contrerévolution. Every Republican and every Christian must take on the mantle of a counterrevolutionary”. A counter revolution in the name of God is not a God sent Revival as Evangelical History of Revival reveals to us. We can not expect God to be on our side, just because we think He ought to be! The sins of America have reached the Heavens, and now comes the day of reckoning. The closing hymn of the RNC 2020 clearly shows that the Republican party, and our President is not seeking nor worshiping the true God of Heaven, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Holy Scriptures. The New World Order also has a New World religion that is totally ANTICHRIST. Don’t expect God to save our Republic when such hold tight to the idols in the hands and in their hearts. Hos 4:17  “Ephraim is joined to idols: let him alone” 

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