The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention urges conservative churches to “partner together” with Leftist Tyrants attacking religious liberty.

With Friends like the ERLC who needs enemies?

Are you wondering what Southern Baptist Elites are doing during the great religious liberty battle unfolding today? The ERLC is as feckless as ever. Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace To You, nailed the ERLC’s status in the present fight over religious liberty—the ERLC are appeasers.

“ERLC aspires to play the Neville Chamberlain role, it seems,” Johnson said.


Johnson’s tweet was in response to this hilarious statement from the ERLC via Brent Leatherwood: “Just wrapped up a meeting with the @MayorOfLA’s office about religious liberty and the state of church-city relations. It was a constructive dialogue. Church leaders and civic leaders should continue to partner together to serve their communities in the midst of this pandemic.”

In that very statement is the ERLC’s core principle on display: Compromise with the world.

The ERLC fights for a Muslim’s right to build a mosque, and then demands absolute surrender of conservative Christians to the secular power.

These our long, dismal, drawling tides of drift and surrender—to borrow from another WW2 figure, Winston Churchill.

It is the Evangelical version of appeasement.

The assumption is that by pleasing the spirit of the age that the secular elites might leave Christians alone. Be obedient citizens and partner with the state—and our New Leftist overlords allow us to “do life together” in our little churches.

Yet, it never ends that way.

You cannot please tyrants.

They always want more.

Allow Caesar control of worship services and then Caesar will demand the right of investiture.

If Caesar gets to say how and when you worship, then he will move to appointing your pastor. Or, at the least, the state will tell you what candidates are acceptable and that you must choose from their selected pool.

Of course, when that day comes, the pool of approved bishops will all be pro-LGBTQ and pro-abortion. But, by all means—let’s please the Leftist Tyrants.

Christians cannot partner with those who threaten our religious liberty. Pretending that we can is yet another failure by the ERLC.

This is a crisis.

Why can’t the ERLC understand that?

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  1. As a Southern Baptist pastor, I stand with Dr. John MacArthur in the battle for Religious freedom.

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