Franklin Graham: The only hope for this country is God.’

Southern Baptist leaders Jack Graham and Ronnie Floyd encourage attendance at Washington 2020 Prayer March

As a pandemic, civil unrest and religious persecution of Christians roils America, Franklin Graham and other conservative Christians are calling believers to Washington, DC for a prayer march. The Washington 2020 Prayer March is scheduled for noon on September 26. Franklin Graham announced it this weekend in a short video.

“I’m announcing today that on Sept. 26, I’m going to be in our nation’s capital to pray—& I hope thousands of families, pastors, & churches will join me! Our nation is in trouble, & we need God’s help. Make plans now to come for #PrayerMarch2020. For more:”

You can get more information and even sign up to attend on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website.

Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church of Plano, TX and a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, encouraged pastors to attend the Prayer March.

I just spoke with Franklin and assured him I will be there. I want to invite every Pastor and church in the SBC and all others who can to join us. @Franklin_Graham @ronniefloyd can you imagine thousands of believers praying together for our broken nation? Let’s do it!”

The march drew praise from SBC Executive Committee President Ronnie Floyd. Floyd said, “Very needed in our nation. We need to appeal to God alone in prayer. Thank you @Franklin_Graham for leading and @jackngraham making more people aware of this initiative.”

The march will come at a pivotal time as Leftist Tyrants in California continue attacks on religious meetings. Also, the Washington 2020 Prayer March will take place during a heated Presidential Campaign—an important time to pray for God’s mercy and protection for America.

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  1. Thisnotice should be presented in every Bible believing chuch in our nation. has the information on this prayer march.

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