PAC-12 Player Demands Signal the End of College Football as We Know It

Pac-12 Player Demands Are About Power and Politics

As we’ve warned over the last few weeks, the Cultural Bolsheviks destroying pro sports would soon find their way to college football. Bulletin: The Woke Mob has arrived using the cover of the COVID-19 Pandemic to make demands for “racial justice” in college football. Of course, this is not about justice. This is about power. And money.

The player demands were covered by the AP as mostly a Pandemic story. However, they noted the “racial injustice” and “economic rights” portion of the player demands.

The document is a cynical attempt to hide a money grab and political agenda under the cover of the China Virus fears. Read the demands. They are as sincere as Electrification and Soviets as a list of demands. This is about power. Power for a select group of people. Notice the demands under the heading: End Racial Injustice in College Sports and Society

  1. Form a permanent civic-engagement task force made up of our leaders, experts of our choice, and university and conference administrators to address outstanding issues such as racial injustice in college sports and in society.

  2. In partnership with the Pac-12, 2% of conference revenue would be directed by players to support financial aid for low-income Black students, community initiatives, and development programs for college athletes on each campus.

  3. Form annual Pac-12 Black College Athlete Summit with guaranteed representation of at least three athletes of our choice from every school.

Notice they want a slush fund for unspecified pet projects and permanent power “to address outstanding issues such as racial injustice in college sports and in society.” Society? Not only do these players demand a say in college sports but in remaking society.

Talk about narcissism. These players have been coddled for far too long. The entitlement mentality is disturbing.

Of course, you’ve noticed this has nothing to do with COVID-19 and college football. This is a grab for power and money.

And it is easy to predict the weak leaders of our universities will cave. They always do.

In the end, you’ll face college sports demanding everyone take a knee and engage in the latest Woke sacrament prior to the college football game.

No thanks.

I’m done with pro sports and its embrace of the Woke Religion.

I’m about done with college sports.

The Woke fanatics are going to destroy what was once a great tool for unifying people of all creeds and colors. Now, to enjoy a pigskin Saturday, one must endure the Woke re-education.  


And this is sad. College football is a fun pastime. It can be thrilling. The highwater mark for me was sitting in the stands when Alabama defeated Georgia for the SEC Championship (December 2012) and then being in Miami watching from the stands as Alabama crushed Notre Dame for the national championship (January 2013.)

And there are so many other memories. Memories that connect me with family members now gone. My parents loved college football. My mom was perhaps an even bigger fan than anyone in our family. She watched Alabama when Joe Namath played. I think the loudest she or any of us ever cheered was October 21, 1990, when Alabama blocked a field goal and then Philip Doyle kicked one to give Alabama a 9-6 victory over Tennessee. My dad would live to enjoy the 1992 national championship but would die of a heart attack a few years later. My mom lived to enjoy the Terrence Cody field goal block against Tennessee in 2009—and that cheering, though from a hospital bed, was loud too. She died just before the 2011 national championship game. That 2012 season was difficult. I’ll never forget that sense of emptiness—both parents gone somehow made for a real sense of loss, to no longer be able to share these memories. Yet, I had a one-year-old son. There were new memories to be made. College football did something important. It was connecting generations.

And the Woke Mobs are now overthrowing the last redoubts of fun.

Goodbye college football. It was fun for so many years. Perhaps it can be saved from destruction. However, who could have faith in our colleges and universities? They surrender to every Woke demand. Why would this be any different?

3 thoughts on “Woke Mob Will Destroy College Football Too”

  1. I hope you keep your pledge to be done with college sports. You and your kind are not needed for college football to thrive, which it will, long after you are gone and forgotten. Good riddance.

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