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Are you confused about allegations of Leftist teachings in the Southern Baptist Convention? Here is a brief, and trust us this is only a brief and non-exhaustive, list of the Leftward Drift of the SBC.

The Southern Baptist Convention faces a leftward drift that is led by Elite leaders, seminary professors and some megachurch pastors. Here are a few key problems that should alarm every conservative, Bible-believing Christian.

  1. A Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor teaches James Cone. Dr. Walter Strickland told the New York Times that he secretly teaches black liberation heretic James Cone to unsuspecting Southern Baptist pastors. Read for yourself in this New York Times article. Is it safe to promote teachings of this heresy to unsuspecting Southern Baptists?

    According to the NY Times, “When he speaks to conservative white congregations, he is careful: ‘While Cone’s ideas are in play, I don’t mention him by name, because I don’t want to put unnecessary stumbling blocks in their way.’ Scripture’s authority comes first. ‘If I’m able to demonstrate that this black man in front of them has read the Bible, I gain credit with them.’”

    How deceptive. That’s what your seminaries are doing in the SBC. They are promoting Racial Identity Politics. And this is not only happening at one seminary.

  2. Dr. Russell Fuller one of the foremost Hebrew language scholars worked at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) for 20 years. He was alarmed that four professors there were teaching serious theological error including Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. According to Dr. Fuller’s speech at SBTS against Hall’s promotion, “This is the secular philosophy that Matt combines with the gospel. There is a reason that the Southern Seminary of just a few years ago and Grove City College did not teach him these things: they (and specifically CRT) eradicate the gospel. Let us not think that Matt is teaching only the good version CRT or only the helpful aspects of CRT. CRT is rotten to the core.” 

    Dr. Fuller was reprimanded and later fired by so-called conservative Albert Mohler for standing against these godless ideologies. So much for Mohler’s claims as standing for the Christian faith.

  3. Here is a video of the professors at SBTS teaching racial identity politics:–gMO64r6U   Also, see Dr. Craig Mitchell, a former ERLC scholar and professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary explain how these Neo-Marxist ideas have taken control of Southeastern and Southern Baptist Theological Seminaries.

  4. The Southern Baptist Convention approved the use of the godless Neo-Marxist ideologies of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as Analytical Tools. This was approved at the Annual Meeting in Birmingham. The infamous Resolution 9 was approved despite conservative objections led by Dr. Tom Ascol and others. Even Dr. Al Mohler condemned Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “antithetical to the Gospel.”

    Dr. Mohler said, “But when the resolution stated that critical race theory and intersectionality have been appropriated by individuals with worldviews that are contrary to the Christian faith, the reality is that both intersectionality and critical race theory emerged from worldviews, and from thinkers who were directly contrary to the Christian faith. Indeed, you can draw an intellectual line from Marxist theory to the transformation of Marxism, especially in the middle of the 20th century in European thought, and then you can fast forward to critical legal studies as they emerged in law schools, applying the same kinds of analysis, indeed even denying rationality and objective truth and subjecting legal texts, such as laws and constitutions to that kind of analysis…Both critical race theory and intersectionality are a part of the continuing transformative Marxism, that is now so dominant in higher education and increasingly in policy.”  

  5. Russell Moore worked in the 2016 election to suppress Evangelical voter turnout for the Republican presidential nominee.  Watch as Russell Moore works against the GOP on the Rick & Bubba Show in 2016 and watch as he is unable to defend his position when questioned by Rick & Buba:   

    Russell Moore is so notoriously leftwing that many SBC churches refuse to fund it. First Baptist Dallas is one such church.

    Also, the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention launched an investigation of the ERLC’s negative influence on the CP.

  6. ERLC known to blacklist conservatives. The ERLC was involved in getting Dr. Robert Lopez fired for his conservative stand.

    Dr. Gagnon calls some Southern Baptist Elite tactics Sub-Christian in how they attack conservatives standing for biblical truth.  

  7. Southern Baptist professors and entities are supporting George Soros’ Open Borders agenda. The ERLC partners with the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum to lead the Evangelical Immigration Table. Baptist Press lied about the Soros connection; however, Eric Metaxas and The Blaze not to mention Capstone Report have established this connection.

    Former SBC President Jack Graham rebuked ERLC President Russell Moore for lying about American Border Patrol Agents.  According to the Christian Post, “This is a very inaccurate report! I’ve been to the border and seen the great work our Border Agents are doing along with churches like ours which are ministering in Jesus Name. Extremely disappointing @drmoore.” Graham charged in a series of tweets.

    It doesn’t stop there. The Open Borders fanatics are rewriting the Bible. SEBTS professor declared the stories of Joseph and Daniel are stories about immigration policy.

There are so many other examples that could be added to this list. However, this is designed to be a manageable start to a conversation about the Leftward Drift. If you are concerned about these facts–and these are demonstrably true that you can verify for yourself–then you should consider working with groups like Founders and the Conservative Baptist Network. As a bonus: Here is what you need to know about the Conservative Baptist Network.