The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) is an institution that like Yale was founded by supporters of slavery. Just as Jesse Kelly is right to demand every right-thinking person Cancel Yale, so too must every right-thinking person Cancel the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Black lives matter!

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter battle cry, SBC President J.D. Greear retired the Broadus Gavel.

“Knowing that it was the Broadus gavel and knowing John A. Broadus’ [sic] views on race, I must admit that while we stood there, I felt a sense of unease,” SBC President J.D. Greear wrote according to the Baptist Message.

And, Greear said, “retiring the Broadus gavel sends a symbolic yet tangible message that we are a convention of all people, made in the image of God, and who matter deeply to God.”

However, there is a Broadus Chapel at SBTS and Broadus was a co-founder of SBTS, according to the Baptist Message report!

This is outrageous.

And it gets worse. SBTS refused to offer reparations over its pro-slave past.

Amazing! The seminary admits its racist past but then refuses to make restitution for it. That’s not racial equity. That’s violence.

And it is even worse!

The Provost of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) admits he is a racist with feelings of white supremacy.

Matthew J. Hall said on video, “I am a racist…,” he tells viewers in a video. “I’m going to struggle with racism and white supremacy until the day I die and get my glorified body.”

How can a so-called Christian seminary employ an avowed racist that is struggling with not only his whiteness but feelings of white supremacy?

Is the SBC serious about racial justice? Do black lives really matter?

If so, then the SBTS must cancel itself. It must sell its assets and pay reparations to black colleges. If a gavel is a legacy of racism that harms the Gospel then how much more is SBTS by having a chapel named after the same guy, having an admitted racist as Provost and refusing to even consider doing justice in paying reparations!

The SBC and SBTS must repent!