Some Southern Baptists are upset at the Conservative Baptist Network. They insist the CBN is a bad thing. Why?

Either these Southern Baptists are upset that other conservatives might compete with them for power in the SBC, thus somehow upsetting and interrupting their lust for power and money. Or, these Southern Baptists are only pretend conservatives—and instead are what we all know they really are—Progressives promoting the godless ideologies of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Intersectionality. So, they fear the CBN will expose it.

So, which is it?


There are some in the SBC who refuse to share power. They have built a legacy of power and a system of patronage.

There are some actual Progressives in the SBC who are determined at all costs to spread the disease of Racial Identity Politics through the churches.

You’ll know them by their rhetoric. You’ll know them by how they only attack conservatives and always defend Russell Moore and Matt Hall.

These same Southern Baptists upset at the rise of the Conservative Baptist Network are fine with the power and influence of other interest groups like The Gospel Coalition and Baptist 21. Why? Because they control and influence those organizations.

Remember when Russell Moore took over the ERLC? He changed staff and hired five new aides—two were not even Southern Baptist, but they ALL were part of the The Gospel Coalition.

No conflict of interest there!

Unfortunately, you can reduce the problems within the Southern Baptist Convention today to leadership.

The leadership is dragging the Southern Baptist Convention down the Woke path. It will lead only to ruin. Yet, they don’t care. They refuse to engage conservative critiques. Their only response is to cry about the Conservative Baptist Network.

Chuck Kelley, past president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) noted the absurdity of the attacks on the CBN. He said, “Absolutely hilarious to see the angst of those who mistakenly think Paige Patterson is the creator & driver of the Conservative Baptist Network.  Such anxiety over conservatives coming together again does reveal new moderates are emerging & oppose talk of the Sufficiency of Scrip.”

Dr. Kelley is correct. The angst reveals the true nature of SBC Elites.

The responses were comical. Including this from one SBC Pastor. Dave Miller said, “This is deeply offensive. You are falsely accusing the writers of SBC Voices of being moderates. This is not true. You know better, I think, sir. You should be ashamed. We all subscribe to the BF&M 2000. We all believe in the Sufficiency of Scriptures. This is false. Unworthy.”

Allow me to laugh here. The SBC Voices writers aren’t moderates—they are full on Progressive advocates of godless ideologies. They’ve defended Russell Moore, Critical Race Theory and Dwight McKissic is regularly featured there—McKissic is a pastor who publicly brags about voting for Hillary Clinton.

Let me be frank with my readers: Many SBC Elites are sinful.

Also, they delight in their sin. They love their power. They expect your obedience. They lie about conservatives. Doubt that? Check out Eric Metaxas interview with Dr. Robert Lopez—Lopez was fired by liars at SWBTS and I can say liar because the Provost released a demonstrably false statement and you can prove it is a lie because the Provost was recorded saying the ERLC was intimately involved in getting Lopez fired. Seriously, that is how “Christian” these men are—they lie about people they fire and never apologize or repent of it.

These are sinful people.

And it permeates not only the SBC institutions but many of its pulpits. The SBC is in decline and it is in decline because so many of its Elite leaders are godless in their actions and godless in their acceptance of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. There is an SBC Professor who even bragged to the New York Times about secretly teaching James Cone to unsuspecting Southern Baptists.

I’m often asked if the SBC can be saved from decline. Yes, but only with the blessing of God and your action.

The very future of America hangs in the balance and SBC Elites are waging war on the Conservative Baptist Network instead of standing up for police, the Rule of Law and against the threat to the US Constitution. These are sad times and the Southern Baptist Convention Elites are upset that Conservatives have now organized to stand for truth.

So, that means you should join the Conservative Baptist Network.

One thought on “Why so much angst over Conservative Baptist Network?”

  1. The idea that Jesus is coming…SOON…is evident by the decline of the SBC. We got lazy after vanquishing the moderates back in the 1980’s believing that we had crushed the enemy. Surprise! Satan was not quite done yet. Even though he has little time left, he is marshaling his program at the SBC, an organization that has stood for the truth and veracity of the scriptures and has/is raising up voices to destroy it. The SBC is the only religious organization that has not followed down the “woke” path, but alas, we have allowed people into leadership who want to drag everyone else to where they are.
    The return of Jesus is close…really close folks…

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