Remember when Evangelical Elites warned against spreading slander and fake news? Remember their outrage at Conspiracy Theories? Well, that is so last week. Now is the time to smear conservatives outraged by the lawless destruction of our country. And right on cue here comes Woke Evangelical Elite Ed Stetzer smearing those complaining about the violence on our streets.

Stetzer rants, “’It’s a good thing these riots are starting so I can again blame black people for the mistreatment they receive.’ -lots of folks on Twitter who were really uncomfortable having to acknowledge the police brutality that killed George Floyd. But now, their narrative is safe again.”

Notice the attack—that these nameless people are upset at black people but not police brutality.

What a despicable lie. This claim is nothing more than a fake news conspiracy theory to slander anyone speaking against these riots.

From footage I’ve watched, many black business owners are having their lives ruined by the lawless violence. From the footage I’ve seen on social media, all races suffer from violent mobs.

However, Stetzer turns this into an attempt to divide Christians by race.

But, why are we shocked? Stetzer has routinely shown questionable ethics. He took a gift from disgraced megachurch pastor James MacDonald while Stetzer in breach of journalistic ethics. He attacked as a “conspiracy theory” claims that the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic might have a lab origin. He later edited this as evidence emerged from Western intelligence services that said such a lab leak was a possibility.

Most conservatives I’ve watched deplore all violence—the violence against George Floyd and the violence on our streets destroying life and property.

For example, the Conservative Baptist Network issued a strong statement against both police brutality and these dangerous riots.  

Conclusion: Ed Stetzer is not a trusted voice. He is a Woke Evangelical Elite spreading the talking points favorable to the Secular Coastal Elites—Elites who are Leftists who are working to destroy America by spreading the poison of Racial Identity Politics. Take note of the evangelicals helping destroy our nation.

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