Southern Baptist pastor, TGC editor and ERLC Communication’s Specialist calls Gen. Flynn a ‘foreign agent’ that was ‘working against the US.’

TGC editor and ERLC communication’s specialist Joe Carter spread fake news about General Michael Flynn even after Carter, a Southern Baptist pastor, wrote a blog post against fake news and conspiracy theories. Carter called spreading conspiracy theories a sin. Yet, he was willing to bear false witness against General Flynn.

Carter tweeted, “Yes, the FBI sometimes conspires to get foreign agents who are working against the US (like Flynn) to confess. I’m not sure that’s a conspiracy theory, though. It’s just typical police work.”

Notice that? Carter called General Flynn a foreign agent working against the US.

Let’s see how Carter’s conspiracy theory fits the facts. The FBI found no information in its investigation that showed Flynn was a Russian agent. In fact, the FBI investigation was set to close January 4, but remained open at the request of partisan FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Later in January, FBI agents set a perjury trap for Gen. Flynn and alleged Flynn misled them. However, nobody alleged Gen. Flynn was a “foreign agent” and certainly not a “foreign agent working against the US.”

A “Christian” leader spreading obvious false witness like this against Gen. Flynn is cause for concern. It would be worthy of church discipline for the average pew sitter. But, among the Evangelical Elite, it will likely only gain them a few pats on the back.

But what motivates this type of behavior? Especially, after the “pastor” penned a column against the sin of conspiracy theories and fake news?

His partisan goals.

Carter is a rabid Never Trumper.

So, Orange Man Bad!

And Southern Baptists took note of Carter’s falsehood against Gen. Flynn.

Dr. Tom Ascol tweeted, “So the @ERLC communication specialist lectures Christians on slander then calls General Flynn a treasonous foreign agent. I doubt Southern Baptists appreciate their tithes & offerings being used to support such tripe. Joe must think ‘slander for thee is not slander for me.’”

Michael O’Fallon pointed out Carter is pushing a typical progressive talking point in an effort to distract Christians from the unfolding constitutional crisis. O’Fallon wrote, “Mr. Carter is continuing the progressive conspiracy to de-rail the former acting DNI.  Carter playing the ‘nothing to see here’ game with the obvious constitutional crisis that our nation finds itself in while pushing the Flynn narrative is what someone would do if they were against the constitutional, national, republic known as the United States of America and *for* an eventual technocratic, atomized, collective totalitarian supranational semi-totalitarian global state.”

This is actually an interesting point. Carter took China’s side in last summer’s trade dispute.


A guy alleging Gen. Flynn was a foreign agent, was attacking President Trump’s trade policy because the trade war could raise the price of Bibles printed by the Southern Baptist Convention in China and sold in the United States.

Profits for Lifeway (which spends 31 percent of its printing costs in China) were more important for Carter than American jobs, American workers and standing up against the economic exploitation of a mercantilist China.

So, who is really the foreign agent? Gen. Flynn? Or the guy who took totalitarian Communist China’s side in the trade war?

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