UPDATE: Sources now tell Fox News that virus likely originated in Wuhan Lab and Patient Zero was likely a lab worker.

Southern Baptist leader takes China’s side in virus origin debate

Stetzer alleges asking questions about virus is spreading Fake News and conspiracy theories

Yesterday we reported how China expert Dr. Michael Pillsbury raised questions about the origin of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. Dr. Pillsbury is a fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations, Director of Center on Chinese Strategy of the Hudson Institute and a longtime analyst in the Defense Department and as a Senate staffer.

In other words, there is no better expert on China. He has first-hand experience with more data (classified and public) than the rest of us. So, when he speaks, we should probably listen.

And he’s saying the “Mystery Deepens” about the origin of the Coronavirus Pandemic. He’s also detailed a few interesting links between virus research in Wuhan and a prominent Chinese general. (Watch the video and read our quick recap of Pillsbury’s comments to get critical info on the crisis and China’s responsibility for it.)

So, it seems reasonable to ask if the virus started in a lab.

However, Woke Evangelical Elites like Ed Stetzer call this a “conspiracy theory.”

In fact, asking these types of questions make one a bad Christian, according to Stetzer.

Not only that, he wants to mock you.

“If you want to believe that some secret lab created this as a biological weapon, I can’t stop you,” Stetzer writes at Christianity Today. “But if you do, what will you do when you start believing that the vaccine is also part of this conspiracy?”

Trusted Voice™ Ed Stetzer has determined that the lab creation theory is a giant hoax. He declares it is “almost certainly not true.”

Of course, that’s what China wants everyone to believe. They don’t want the West asking questions about any bioweapon research in Wuhan. Perhaps it wasn’t created in a lab; however, does asking the simple question about it make one a bad Christian as Stetzer alleges in his rant?

Stetzer claims even asking questions is wrong for the Christian.

Stetzer writes, “I still believe spreading unproven speculation is bearing false witness and I still believe we need to repent.”

Stetzer is an Elite in the Southern Baptist Convention. He’s a leader. Notably, SBC President J.D. Greear nominated Stetzer to lead the Resolutions Committee for the SBC in 2020.

Stetzer has ethical problems. This “Trusted Source” publishing at rabid anti-Trump Christianity Today and the Coronavirus and the church website ignored journalistic standards in his involvement with disgraced former minister James MacDonald. You should read about that before you “trust” anything Stetzer says.

Stetzer not only took China’s side in the origin of the virus question but minimized attacks on religious liberty.

“We see some Christian leaders hype up the idea that you are being persecuted if you ignore the current guidelines and try to gather a thousand people together for worship in a global pandemic,” Stetzer wrote.

No, we saw some Christians claim there was persecution when the government used arbitrary and capricious standards—like leaving abortion clinics, liquor stores and drive-thru restaurants open while closing drive-in church services.

That’s a huge difference.


Stetzer allows that there are some bad things happening.

Stetzer writes, “Are there some issues— yes, some mayors and a governor or two have done and said foolish things. Those are already being pushed back in the courts. This is not a deep state conspiracy.”

No, it isn’t a deep state conspiracy. It is a Democratic conspiracy. Every abuser of religious liberty was an elected Democrat.

Take note of that and remember it in November.

Also, take note and remember Stetzer is anything but a “Trusted Voice” and his websites with their anti-Trump bias are certainly not “Trusted Sources.”

Here is the Pillsbury video again. Judge for yourself is Dr. Pillsbury more reliable on China than Ed Stetzer?